Joe Rogan Experience #1255 - Alex Jones Returns!

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  • Alex Jones is a radio show host, filmmaker, and writer. Eddie Bravo is a jiujitsu black belt, music producer, and author.

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  • Paindrah
    Paindrah 17 timmar sedan

    to be frank he dose have an impressive memory

  • Vince Evans
    Vince Evans 17 timmar sedan

    ADHD atuned to higher dimensions

  • Vince Evans
    Vince Evans 17 timmar sedan

    3:20:20 Flower of Life Alex

  • Moe Sports
    Moe Sports 17 timmar sedan

    When he started crying I lost my shit 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Humanoid Hybrid
    Humanoid Hybrid 17 timmar sedan

    *Alex* _we're 97% chimpanzee_ *Jones.*
    *Joe* _what if you fart and didn't have a nose_ *Rogan.*
    *Eddie* _blah, blah, blah, blah,_ *Bravo.*
    - Educational gold!
    The Aztecs recycled their waste!

  • doop00
    doop00 17 timmar sedan

    I respect Alex Jones because he gives us his unfiltered thoughts instead of cowering from it to save his reputation. He's also a pretty funny guy, I don't agree with all that he say but that's fine, just let him speak his mind.

  • GoodxJ
    GoodxJ 17 timmar sedan +1

    WE NEED KANYE on the JRE!!!!!!!

  • Vince Evans
    Vince Evans 18 timmar sedan

    Supposedly the Aztecs would only scrafice criminals but if the killed 80,000 people on one day god damn

  • Humanoid Hybrid
    Humanoid Hybrid 18 timmar sedan

    Advanced conscious awareness exists in you - although dormant in most people, you can learn how to develop it. This knowledge was taught in the Mystery Schools of ancient Egypt and also further back than that. It is still taught today, but sadly perhaps, one in ten thousand people have the desire to learn these secrets. You can have *mastery over time and space* which will allow you to contact myriad life forms. When you have accomplished this they will no longer be ‘alien’. ▲▽

  • Ruthie Sullivan
    Ruthie Sullivan 18 timmar sedan
    You know this motherfucker is full blown crazy and yet again you let him talk. Lo and behold he spread more bullshit when another tragedy has happened. You lost me Joe. Fuck you man. Sincerely, New Zealand!

  • Jokage
    Jokage 18 timmar sedan

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~THE BASIC GESTALT~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    00:00 Rogan explains why he didn't want Jones on, Sandy hook & schizophrenia.
    09:15 News coverage & the media slandering AJ. The right to question things
    14:14 Schizophrenics & parasites. More SH talk, Northwoods, Gladio etc
    21:16 AJ not right wing, arrested by Bush. Jones aligning with trump & labeled terrorist.
    23:52 Labeling someone a terrorist, AJ really being censored for being critical of high techs involvement with China & informing Trump.
    26:33 Googles reason to be in China, China's experiments with cows, Tissue farms etc
    31:23 Breakaway civilization, Final thoughts on SH, new life forms, UT documents, Trojan horse, and Elon. World Government, 5g, mental illness, societal collapse, AI, off-world entities etc
    36:50 AJ mad at Rogan, 5g effects, Human-animals, breakaway civilization, future societal crisis, hydrogen bombs, mind control via wavelengths
    44:10 Breakaway govt (NASA) gets technology from LSD/DMT/ayahuasca. AJ upbringing
    44:58 Endgame Doc, 2 breakaway govts--CIA & NASA, syphilis experiments, infant harvesting
    1:02:40 Gov supports abortion at postnatal, organ harvesting, planned parenthood, SS tests&nazis
    1:14:01 Mexico as a lab test for criminal subsections of the US govt. Tendencies of other cultures
    1:18:16 World domination/Hitler, lefts “compassion”, & trump. Late night shows, self-censorship
    1:29:44 AJ & Joe talk about reconciliation, Soros & Nazis, WW2 memorabilia
    1:45:09 Flat earther arrival & banter, AJ past glory days, asphyxiation memories,
    1:52:27 Summary of talk. Vaccines, STDexperiments Guatemala, liberal media, JFK, conspiracies
    2:00:35 Moon landing, flat earth
    2:05:03 ALEX LOSES It, flat earth, fraternity rituals, drugs given to soldiers,
    2:11:59 Hitler secret, Jones Germanic past, Nazi scientists, OSS/CIA/NASA,
    2:20:18 British intelligence/CIA, Nazis scientist gameplan, Eisenhower cautionary speech, German/NASA the real govt, Nazis relationship with the occult & contact with aliens. SS castles
    2:25:00 Germans ahead technologically, Churchill initiation, Albert speer/Rudolf hess attempt for peace/Edward VIII, youtube censorship, Aliens
    2:31:18 Connection between aliens and Nazis, dimensions, Nazi seances, entity system seducing germans by offering technology and brits with social control.
    2:35:42 Globalist ventures with extraterrestrial, ancient contact with the extraterrestrial, difference between upper regions contact/empyrean & extraterrestrial/eldritch contact..
    2:38:20 Virtual reality in the ’50s, Bill Gates in the ’90s, forced cardiac arrest/high level of dmt,elfs
    google search results, grays AI/avatar, Russian fake accounts,
    2:49:24 J Savile, youtube demonetizing, Maher, Stubblebine/Men Who Stare at Goats, insects that manipulate other life forms, personal experience with interdimensional beings, microchip animals
    2:59:46 Are interdimensional beings bad? Ancient civilizations, Aztecs/Mayans, sacrifices. Looking at the bible metaphorically. The world as a testing ground. Consciousness.
    3:12:37 DMT experience, ayahuasca collective experiences, AJ psychic ability, what God is
    3:22:49 AJ becoming a pariah, flat earth, Gemini 15 photo, moon talk, atmosphere talk, Dark City
    3:39:00 Simulation & flat earth origin. AJ exit strategy & 20 year long dreams. “Any idea that fears exposure or debate is a bad idea” AJ hate for trump..
    3:53:46 Tower 7 & 911
    4:03:44 AJ upbringings, Leftwing & Tech, right-wing fascist using the left, AJ doing standup
    4:15:22 AJ dreams & head trauma, Instinctive memory in animals and humans, Oblivion movie
    4:27:20 free speech, social media censorship, Issue with trans, Transhumanism,
    4:34:05 Miriam Carey 2013 incident, black Israelites, Free speech

    Re-posting this to bring it to the top of the comments.

  • Vince Evans
    Vince Evans 18 timmar sedan

    That’s why flat earthers exist... the do not understand dimensions aka basic fucking geometry. The flat earthers that he it know that it’s a metaphor for reality is The Matrix. People who are in to multidimensionality figure it out too.

  • Wade
    Wade 18 timmar sedan

    Alex Jones is a paid crisis actor funded by George Soros.

  • Yarwin
    Yarwin 18 timmar sedan

    I do have to say that I get the impression that Alex truly cares about the wellbeing of humanity.

  • Vince Evans
    Vince Evans 18 timmar sedan

    2:37:10 lol stop me any time you want

  • Yarwin
    Yarwin 18 timmar sedan

    Here's a method to scramble the 5GHz radiation: Aummmmmmmmmmmm

  • Trollsif Stalin
    Trollsif Stalin 18 timmar sedan

    I thought Operation Starfish Prime was bathhouse code speak.

  • Texan In Michigan
    Texan In Michigan 18 timmar sedan

    Alex Jones...pass the tobacco and keep talking man. Mind blown.
    Plan on watching this again and again. Wow

  • alex hernandes
    alex hernandes 18 timmar sedan

    the views keep going lower i guess we can unwatch it after watching it 😁

  • Brad Taergeron
    Brad Taergeron 18 timmar sedan

    By God and country, this video had 64 million dollars just yesterday

  • melissa spivey
    melissa spivey 18 timmar sedan

    Wooohooo let the light shine!

  • NerdyGal Art
    NerdyGal Art 18 timmar sedan +1

    Kick me under the table twice. 🙄. Is what I thought throughout this interview. 😂
    That jaw was grinding 😂
    “The outsiders” 😭👍

  • Peter pemrich
    Peter pemrich 18 timmar sedan

    I'm literally skipping through it just to see how similar portions might be and all 3 times stumbled upon Alex saying "well the CIA, basically the CIA, the CIA."

  • Adam Devenport
    Adam Devenport 19 timmar sedan

    Took me 24 hours to finish watching this! Heeeeeeeavy shit here. This existence is skeeeeeetchy even if 10% of this is true.....

  • Emily Weed
    Emily Weed 19 timmar sedan

    Joe is too wishy washy back and fourth makes me think he's a shyster I can't watch him. I'm glad he had Alex back on!

  • Matchables Community Gaming
    Matchables Community Gaming 19 timmar sedan

    This guys mind moved a million miles a minute lmao

  • Boss Touge
    Boss Touge 19 timmar sedan

    I'd skipped the show to 1hr 50mins, Alex jones talks about make up being put on him. 😂😂😂.

  • Jam Flex
    Jam Flex 19 timmar sedan

    The toxoplasma shit kinda blew my mind ngl .

  • Evan Lagace
    Evan Lagace 19 timmar sedan

    I’ll commit to helping Alex get in shape. I’ve coached national physique champions and pros. Joe if you see this... my approach isn’t traditional. I promise this will be a game changer. Email me.

  • Salim habiburahman
    Salim habiburahman 19 timmar sedan

    Haha this is the best shit!

  • marcuseth1
    marcuseth1 19 timmar sedan

    It gets a thousand percent better when Eddie comes in😂😂😂

  • aoibh22
    aoibh22 20 timmar sedan

    12 mins into this, he meant the last week tonight with John Oliver
    excuse me for being clueless
    thought we already had enough blow hards!
    that man has an undiagnosed mental illness
    his father was smartest, no way was he even in the running!?!
    they were talking about fatal fetal abnormalities ?
    who are you or alex to say how long a women has to continue their pregnancy when that happens?

  • Frank Moran
    Frank Moran 20 timmar sedan

    "Too weird to live, to rare to die." ~ Hunter S. Thompson
    Alex should have every right to have the same platforms as all of us. People make mistakes. We all live and learn.
    I think the world would be a much more depressing place without eccentric people like him.

  • Jonadab Vargas
    Jonadab Vargas 20 timmar sedan

    Dude where is my space ship

  • Jacob Solache
    Jacob Solache 20 timmar sedan

    1:07:29 your welcome

  • Cool Patience
    Cool Patience 20 timmar sedan


  • Nathan Shaw
    Nathan Shaw 20 timmar sedan

    2:05:02 what the hell is this podcast oml 🧙🏻‍♂️🤣

  • Derek Fabry
    Derek Fabry 20 timmar sedan

    I hate coming back here to find that the view count is being messed with beyond justification.

  • Vince Kisiday
    Vince Kisiday 20 timmar sedan

    2:04:35 - 2:06:10 I have literally not laughed that hard in 10 years

  • Neems
    Neems 20 timmar sedan

    Joe "I believe you" Rogan

  • Information SuperHighway
    Information SuperHighway 20 timmar sedan

    watch this at half speed - you can thank me later

  • ConfusedWatermelon Gaming
    ConfusedWatermelon Gaming 20 timmar sedan


  • Jake Ashcraft
    Jake Ashcraft 21 timme sedan +1

    For every time Eddie Bravo says this is going to be a jre clip.. Needs to be a jre clip

  • Neems
    Neems 21 timme sedan

    11,800,896 views 3/19/2019

  • We r being Replaced
    We r being Replaced 21 timme sedan

    I'm avaible to be the to do there FLAT EARTH representative

  • The Passport Gang
    The Passport Gang 21 timme sedan

    1:09:17 "His back's broken he can save nine lives." ROFL

  • Jeff Murphy
    Jeff Murphy 21 timme sedan

    Eddie to Antarctica!! Stop this flat earth stupidity.

  • [AFK] Doostine
    [AFK] Doostine 21 timme sedan


  • The Skull
    The Skull 21 timme sedan +1

    I'm surprised there are so many who haven't heard Alex Jones before.

  • PanCakesAreDope
    PanCakesAreDope 21 timme sedan +1

    Pathetic, still suppressing the views... FUCK YOU SEclips

  • Bloop
    Bloop 21 timme sedan


  • Lorenzo Cistera
    Lorenzo Cistera 22 timmar sedan

    *talking about harvesting baby organs
    *Alex finally goes out to pee
    *Alex comes back 2mins later
    Joe: "Alex welcome back, we're talking about Kamikazes"

  • Dave K
    Dave K 22 timmar sedan

    I dont know how the fuck Alex Jones can have all these bizarre details floating around in his head and keep everything accurate. I dont even remember what they talked about in the first hour lol

  • Jennifer Johnson
    Jennifer Johnson 22 timmar sedan

    I like the clock

  • Eric Hammond
    Eric Hammond 22 timmar sedan +1

    Sandy Hook was fake.

  • Matthew Hall
    Matthew Hall 22 timmar sedan

    Alex you KEEP adding your own flavour and theories to whats being bloody said, stop fucking trying to sell your theories by putting on creepy accents, far out

  • Carl Follaco
    Carl Follaco 22 timmar sedan

    why has no one put "I'm kind of retarded" to mariachi music? lol

  • Jennifer Johnson
    Jennifer Johnson 22 timmar sedan

    Buffering 42:29

  • Jennifer Johnson
    Jennifer Johnson 22 timmar sedan +1

    5g has come out with Verizon. I also provable have rh a negative blood type

  • Bam
    Bam 22 timmar sedan

    The movie Bright talks about the Elves. They are the elitist with magic and are Rich.

  • Peter Tosh
    Peter Tosh 22 timmar sedan +3

    Alex is on coke, look at the way he’s clenching his jaw

  • zero gravity
    zero gravity 22 timmar sedan

    Keep that mic about 17 fists away from your face Alex.

  • The Passport Gang
    The Passport Gang 22 timmar sedan

    37:46 We're not gonna make it. The deal has been made between the Elites and the Other Dimensional (DMT/Ayahuasca?) aliens

    The earth is like an egg yolk that the elites and aliens are using as an energy source to fuel this project of hybrid human/AI/upload into an evil alien immortal Borg.

    This upload does not include us peasants.

    We must be sacrificed to the DMT Ayahuasca Psilocybin Gods.. I'm just guessing here.

    The Elites are doing all this because they believe they will be allowed to upload their consciousness into some eternal Borg-like existence..

    Not you. F@ck your consciousness.

    This upload will grant the Elites tremendous power, immortality, or both.. I presume. But the Elves will surely betray them.

    Elon is freaked out about all this.

    Elon! Help us!!!!!!

    Elon.. you know got damm well you can't trust those Elves. And those DMT elves are no better they just mock us and sing songs to tease us. And that Ayahuasca lady makes us slide down trees until our skin comes off and we're just skeletons being tortured by shadow demons kinda like smeagol from LOTR. Then there's an actual dragon! This Ayahuasca dragon just gives us riddles we can't figure out for fun.

    My point is.. Elon.. you know it's a trick. Use your brains. Get us out of this sh!t.


  • Spring Creek Adventurer
    Spring Creek Adventurer 22 timmar sedan

    18 million views in 3 weeks! Let's go Joe and Alex!!

  • zero gravity
    zero gravity 22 timmar sedan

    "why give that guy a platform!?"
    because he's Joe "I'll give a platform to who ever the fuck I want" Rogan.

  • Jennifer Johnson
    Jennifer Johnson 22 timmar sedan

    Anomaly a deviation from normal. I am fully receptive to what is real and not

  • Jennifer Johnson
    Jennifer Johnson 22 timmar sedan

    I have been doing research. I do have "mental health" ISSUES I have certain words on television and on people s clothing etc. I am free from the Monarch programming. What is next

  • Jove
    Jove 22 timmar sedan

    You should have Corey Goode on

  • The Passport Gang
    The Passport Gang 22 timmar sedan +1

    34:29 Holy smokes..

    Cellphones and vaccines contain a trojan horse.

    The elites are creating chimeras (animal human hybrids that they're allowed to experiment with because they're neither animal or human, which they will [proof?] download their memories into) that they will combine with AI that they are devoloping in China with no restrictions because there are no rules in China to stop them.

    Every time I watch a piece of this I hear something I didn't hear before.

    This is a stream of consciousness.

  • stockimage ofshorts
    stockimage ofshorts 22 timmar sedan +2

    This video has been at the same amount of views for the past week (11,762,768 March 19th, 2019)

  • spoiled era
    spoiled era 23 timmar sedan

    Their taking views off

  • Ehsan Kiumarsi
    Ehsan Kiumarsi 23 timmar sedan +1

    This man sounds honest.

  • Magic Mirror Mystery School
    Magic Mirror Mystery School 23 timmar sedan

    Speaking of the Void's math... we released "Pi Solved - Magic Mirror Math of Space" on SEclips today!

  • oldhpirs4
    oldhpirs4 23 timmar sedan +1

    1:24:00 me when i take a fat dab of wax 😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜

  • GeniusImmortal
    GeniusImmortal 23 timmar sedan +3

    Okay. I give in. I can't deny it any longer. BEN SHAPIRO AND SEclips HAVE STRUCK A DEAL TO KEEP THIS VIDEO FROM REACHING 12 MILLION!!!!!! "Sure. I'll take number the number 2 slot behind Elon Musk. That's fine. But if you think I'm dropping behind Jones into the 3 slot? Well I've got news for you. That's not happening." -Ben Shapiro

    • Jeff Murphy
      Jeff Murphy 22 timmar sedan

      Did he actually say that? If not hes definitely thinking it. Lol

    • Michael Battaglia
      Michael Battaglia 23 timmar sedan

      I can totally hear that quote in his voice!

  • snozbaries
    snozbaries 23 timmar sedan

    Fuck Jones hes lower than low, the scum of the earth.

  • BurritoFueled
    BurritoFueled 23 timmar sedan +1

    Why does this video keep going up and down in views?

  • Tyler Dantes
    Tyler Dantes 23 timmar sedan

    Joe Rogan- “I don’t know, Does Google control search results?”
    Also Joe Rogan - “We can’t show that video cuz SEclips will hit us with a strike.”

  • давид буранов
    давид буранов 23 timmar sedan

    Dear Joe Rogan, I am writing through a translator. I adore your shows. Re-viewing them as if they were my favorite movies. Thank you for your work ..... I am a Jew from Russia ... I am 50 years old. I think that you intellectually develop the people who watch your product. Please stay the same wise and simple. HAPPINESS TO YOU AND GOOD LUCK IN EVERYTHING.

  • Silver Films
    Silver Films Dag sedan

    I came here looking for context but there doesn't seem to be any, he just randomly says he's retarded

  • Stev3
    Stev3 Dag sedan

    11,787,892. March 19th 6pm

  • David kelman
    David kelman Dag sedan +1

    I lv this podcast lol.watched it twice combo .rogan bravo jones = podcast gold

  • JasonMalizia
    JasonMalizia Dag sedan

    they laugh and alex looks terrified

  • Christopher Costantini

    Thanks for deleting my comment SEclips, this video had 21 million views a few days ago and they’re obviously deleting a bunch of shit. I don’t expect this comment to be up long regardless

  • Rick Jacobs
    Rick Jacobs Dag sedan +1

    This had 117 million views yesterday.

    Something ain't right YT.

  • hoya03
    hoya03 Dag sedan

    Government is Like Fire. George Washington said, “Government is like fire, a dangerous servant and a fearful master.” The Founders understood that the biggest obstacle to freedom was the tendency of all governments to grow, absorbing power unto themselves.

  • Katherine Kinast
    Katherine Kinast Dag sedan +1

    in the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king

  • david lemon
    david lemon Dag sedan +3

    Mindfuck: Eddie Bravo is 3 years older than Alex Jones

  • Dr Strangelove
    Dr Strangelove Dag sedan +2

    I would love to see a conversation between Jordan Peterson and Alex Jones. 😂

  • your mum
    your mum Dag sedan +2

    Humans have been around for thousands of years and we, this generation is privileged enough to live at the same time as ALEX FUCKING JONES

  • Karl patron
    Karl patron Dag sedan +3

    The governor of Virginia impression is funny as hell

    CROMAAT Dag sedan

    Advanced conscious awareness exists in you - although dormant in most people, you can learn how to develop it. This knowledge was taught in the Mystery Schools of ancient Egypt and also further back than that. It is still taught today, but sadly perhaps, one in ten thousand people have the desire to learn these secrets. You can have *mastery over time and space* which will allow you to contact myriad life forms. When you have accomplished this they will no longer be ‘alien’. ▲▽

  • Yannick Siebert
    Yannick Siebert Dag sedan +1

    Google: "How Soros made a billion dollars" and click on the business casual video that's the Soros thing Jones talks about.

  • MAAT
    MAAT Dag sedan

    *Alex* _we're 97% chimpanzee_ *Jones.*
    *Joe* _what if you fart and didn't have a nose_ *Rogan.*
    *Eddie* _blah, blah, blah, blah,_ *Bravo.*
    - Educational gold!

  • Biggie Smalls
    Biggie Smalls Dag sedan +3

    It’s gets better every time you watch it, great podcast his BEST

  • Matt Dunster
    Matt Dunster Dag sedan +1

    I believe the 5G thing, same kind of concept with AirPods etc. Even having a cellphone on your person all the time will have some noticeable health effects for those born in the 90’s on.

  • Patrick Anthony Price
    Patrick Anthony Price Dag sedan +2

    This is the only podcast I’ll ever watch in its entirety

  • Theo Dore
    Theo Dore Dag sedan

    Shine on you crazy son of a bitch.

  • Timothy Weber
    Timothy Weber Dag sedan +1

    Blocked from treding future watchers. 1st amendments gone in 2025 starting w AJ in 2018