The Spiders and the Bees

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  • Publicerades den 8 mar 2019
  • Everyone was so afraid of spiders when what we should have been fearing is bees.
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  • Ncaquino02
    Ncaquino02 20 minuter sedan


  • DJ Goodgamer
    DJ Goodgamer 21 minut sedan

    I love this its so funny XD!!!

    • Jackson Animation
      Jackson Animation 20 minuter sedan

      DJ Goodgamer you can see odd1sout in 3D on my channels latest video.

  • Retard Frog
    Retard Frog 21 minut sedan

    BEElieve it or not, wasps do more good than harm. They play a vital role in protecting gardens and farm crops by controlling pest populations. They capture and consume insects such as flies, caterpillars and beetle larvae.

  • Ncaquino02
    Ncaquino02 21 minut sedan

    Ok now im not kind offf

  • Pangean Army2019
    Pangean Army2019 22 minuter sedan +1


  • Ncaquino02
    Ncaquino02 23 minuter sedan

    I hate spiders, i feel like one is on my leg right now

  • Ananya Joshi
    Ananya Joshi 25 minuter sedan

    Spiders do help but they still are scary, once there was a spider almost as tall as me and I was seven now that's tall it went under my bed and I told my dad THERES A BUG UNDER MY BED but I said bug so he thought I was a scardy cat and now I keep wondering if its still there... .____.

  • angela san
    angela san 27 minuter sedan

    Dude I would ask but you are to funny

  • Eliza Gunter
    Eliza Gunter 27 minuter sedan

    Spooders I love them they are so cute

  • Mamta Kaushik
    Mamta Kaushik 27 minuter sedan

    Congrats on 10m subs

  • Maricela De la cruz
    Maricela De la cruz 28 minuter sedan

    Team spider

  • Phoenix Smith
    Phoenix Smith 28 minuter sedan +1


  • Mamta Kaushik
    Mamta Kaushik 29 minuter sedan

    All u children retarded

  • Springy 11
    Springy 11 29 minuter sedan

    More like

    The birds and the fleas.

  • Damp Playz
    Damp Playz 30 minuter sedan

    Mommy, why do humans hate us?
    Because their hairless creatures and probably REALLY stupid.

  • Rising MC
    Rising MC 34 minuter sedan

    Oh Honey,
    Tarantula hawk wasp are *WAY* worse than bees or spiders!

  • HMMM Kirby
    HMMM Kirby 34 minuter sedan

  • Jayan Kandavel
    Jayan Kandavel 34 minuter sedan

    Whoever is not liking this video- you have no soul

  • Dora The Explorer
    Dora The Explorer 35 minuter sedan

    Thank you, if it wasn’t for this I would have killed the spider I saw in the shower today

  • Azzy Audio
    Azzy Audio 38 minuter sedan

    Wow I love the art in this!

    DREAMS 38 minuter sedan

    7:34 *dies of laughter*

  • Rey. G
    Rey. G 39 minuter sedan

    Iam alergic to bees

  • diamond savage XD
    diamond savage XD 40 minuter sedan

    Dude same but i got stung when i was little a bee stung me 5 times and a wasp stung me 2 time.

    It hurt

    Plus back in the day their was no such thing as ipads and stuff so i was active back then so i am a potato

  • Nuvena Chrysalist Century
    Nuvena Chrysalist Century 41 minut sedan

    I've been stung by wasp's THREE times and the first time was when I was Four it traumatized me for FIVE more years yay...

  • William Watson
    William Watson 42 minuter sedan

    bee nice jame's!

  • Potato_ Doggo
    Potato_ Doggo 43 minuter sedan

    You had a collab with matpat... and matpat said bees should all die..

  • Bailey and Cash
    Bailey and Cash 45 minuter sedan

    Watching this makes me not scared and you’re videos a like angles

  • Jeffy Jeffy
    Jeffy Jeffy 46 minuter sedan

    M&m candy bars are in stores

  • Fidel Sanchez
    Fidel Sanchez 46 minuter sedan


  • Ronald Lovelace
    Ronald Lovelace 47 minuter sedan

    2:24 NOW UGH

  • audi S
    audi S 47 minuter sedan

    Go yet it

  • kade parker
    kade parker 47 minuter sedan

    I like spiders

  • silent vloging and gaming
    silent vloging and gaming 48 minuter sedan

    I bought were book

  • PentaLift
    PentaLift 48 minuter sedan

    How do i not be scared of spiders when i see a spider flying around my kitchen whitch is as big as my middle finger

  • Doubleplay
    Doubleplay 50 minuter sedan

    Where are the hornets

  • Ana Adan
    Ana Adan 56 minuter sedan

    2:50 james is broke lol

  • sam wilson
    sam wilson 56 minuter sedan

    Make more vids plz😊

  • Slipg8r Is awesome
    Slipg8r Is awesome 58 minuter sedan

    Random comment but like all SEclipsrs but some say. THIS NEW MERCH ONLY FOR 2 WEEKS SO GET IT FAST... 5 weeks later... HEY GUYS THE MERCH IS BACK SO GET IT NOW

    CROWSTER THECROWMAX 58 minuter sedan

    Hello ROBERT

  • Arthur Morgan's Ghost
    Arthur Morgan's Ghost 59 minuter sedan

    7:33 Ok then

  • Ʈřƹƹþƒþ Productions

    7:34 ME WITH WASPS

  • Alani Perez
    Alani Perez Timme sedan

    it's no questioning James in a shower being naked but always naked and claps his cheeks

  • nikole fossa
    nikole fossa Timme sedan

    5:40 FUNNY FACE

  • Crazy Gamin'
    Crazy Gamin' Timme sedan

    Comment: Team spider
    Like: Team bees

  • nikole fossa
    nikole fossa Timme sedan

    *wich mean u failed on this vid*

  • Angel Salmoran
    Angel Salmoran Timme sedan


  • Bloody Honey
    Bloody Honey Timme sedan

    Me:u know wat he's right spiders ain't that bad
    *sees spider*

  • Shark Productions
    Shark Productions Timme sedan

    According to all known laws of aviation, there is no way a bee should be able to fly. It’s wings are too small to lift it’s fat tiny body off the ground. The bee, of course flys anyways. You see, bee’s don’t care what humans think is impossible.

  • chauncy primm
    chauncy primm Timme sedan

    I will kill them ALL

  • Apple TV Apple tv
    Apple TV Apple tv Timme sedan

    In his part you sound Helium james 0:01

  • Carrot juice
    Carrot juice Timme sedan

    I sat on a bee twice and then one stung a mosquito bite all happened in the fourth grade

  • Madison Trudell
    Madison Trudell Timme sedan

    A bee crawled up my nose once but it didn’t sting me and it flew away lol I guess it was just exploring

  • Andrenaline Studios
    Andrenaline Studios Timme sedan +1

    pet a file

  • Will Douglass
    Will Douglass Timme sedan

    i got stung by a bee is 2nd grade in the chin

  • Riann's Worlf
    Riann's Worlf Timme sedan

    "And *yeet* it back into the wild"

  • Amie Peeken
    Amie Peeken Timme sedan

    Do a video on "my worst friends"

  • Cecilia Long
    Cecilia Long Timme sedan


  • Dizz Blue
    Dizz Blue Timme sedan

    Congrats on winning the airsoft battle!

  • Nugget
    Nugget Timme sedan


    But I'm not healthy _or_ an adult...

  • zrns081
    zrns081 Timme sedan

    My name is Matthew!!!! !$#@#$!#@$#!#@>:(

  • eli
    eli Timme sedan

    Bees are an invasive species who invaded North american and nearly destroyed the pollinator ecosystem. They have done so much damage that we have to all but rely on them now. So yes, bees are basically the Mafia.

  • Lemon Love
    Lemon Love Timme sedan

    great WHITE shark

  • Gaby Ortiz
    Gaby Ortiz Timme sedan

    the spider in the cave is so sad:(

  • Dianna Quick
    Dianna Quick Timme sedan

    Arachnaphobia nyah

  • Alex the pink fox is coolkittygamingYT

    WILBUR!!! I KNOW THE MOVIE IT'S Charlotte's web!

  • Shauna Gilley
    Shauna Gilley Timme sedan

    Are you the one that is on Diy?

  • Ayden Shergill
    Ayden Shergill Timme sedan

    I hate wasps

  • besthungergames 2018
    besthungergames 2018 Timme sedan

    Alex clark put you in a muisc vid at the end of his vid

  • Angjelo Babi
    Angjelo Babi Timme sedan

    I felt like there was a spider on me the whole time

  • CharaTheCat YT
    CharaTheCat YT Timme sedan

    so one time at school we were in the gym and we were doing something and there was a WASP and I was as still as a rock and it LANDED ON MY LEG. I was still as still as a rock and it never stung me. that was lucky.

  • You've been Gnomed
    You've been Gnomed Timme sedan +1


  • brianna white
    brianna white Timme sedan +1

    YH, but notice how its the GREAT white shark and there the KILLER whale ( which is black) HMMMM?

  • Patricia Packard
    Patricia Packard Timme sedan


  • PL4YMAK3RS Robo
    PL4YMAK3RS Robo Timme sedan

    my math teacher killed a spider today... I tried to stop her but it was too late rip in peace spidey

  • Purplejet 8
    Purplejet 8 Timme sedan

    I have a fear of spiders

  • Stella Chang
    Stella Chang Timme sedan

    Leaf cutter bees only sting you if you actually touch them. Even if you throw a rock, they just dodge and fly away.

    ROCKS Timme sedan

    YO you should play with jaidem and alex

  • simone fraser
    simone fraser Timme sedan


  • Owen Williams
    Owen Williams Timme sedan

    3:35 look at his face

  • Bakapple 123
    Bakapple 123 Timme sedan

    I p I p .

  • Jonathan Rodriguez
    Jonathan Rodriguez Timme sedan

    If you are watching t series you are 0:38 ,s

  • B Rich
    B Rich Timme sedan

    Do you fear bee's?

  • Jonathan Rodriguez
    Jonathan Rodriguez Timme sedan

    7:34 When I have so many homework

  • Wavey
    Wavey Timme sedan

    So who else populate the other 70% james

  • Moonstone The Gem
    Moonstone The Gem Timme sedan

    I thought this said The Spider and The Fly....

  • MyBaby91307
    MyBaby91307 2 timmar sedan

    Well how About a snake I have a pet snake

  • OverPoweredReality Gaming&Vlogs

    I have aracnaphobia I loved spiders but then that happend I WAS SO SCARED I DON"T EVEN REMMEBER WHAT HAPPEND TO THAT FRIENDLY SPIDER I LOVED I THINK HE DIED BECUSE I HAVE aracnaphobia :(

  • ImRandomHere
    ImRandomHere 2 timmar sedan

    james do you like jaiden?

  • Dayna Corman
    Dayna Corman 2 timmar sedan

    Who else thought the voice actors for the intro was game Theory

  • Goldrose star2
    Goldrose star2 2 timmar sedan

    Who else favorite spider is the Peakock spider!?!?!?

  • The Necromancer
    The Necromancer 2 timmar sedan

    I'm not afraid of spiders because some kill me, I'm afraid of spiders because seeing the way they crawl with 8 legs is just super disturbing to me.

  • Mind of Mason
    Mind of Mason 2 timmar sedan

    Crawling up my leg like a perve!!! Ahahaha

  • Javier Muniz
    Javier Muniz 2 timmar sedan

    Its actually a fleet ( a forward yeet)

  • Dick Grayson
    Dick Grayson 2 timmar sedan

    Ummmmm a spider made a nest on my shorts yesterdau

  • Polar Bear
    Polar Bear 2 timmar sedan

    Okay bees and spiders I have no problems with they cool. Hornets and wasp on the other hand, we gonna have a problem.

  • Pokémon and Warrobots Lol is this what you wanted

  • Zoë Nightshade Khan
    Zoë Nightshade Khan 2 timmar sedan

    This is very accurate and I've heard it a lot but I just can't stop being scared of spiders. But I do put them in a cup and throw them out :)

  • Simon _
    Simon _ 2 timmar sedan

    7:51 thanos

  • Adrian Diaz
    Adrian Diaz 2 timmar sedan

    Good job on the battle royale 👍🏽👍🏽

  • ACatLady 62
    ACatLady 62 2 timmar sedan

    Sooo....... we should kill them both???