Koenigsegg Jesko - Debuts at Geneva Motor Show 2019

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  • Publicerades den 5 mar 2019
  • The all-new Koenigsegg Jesko made an emotional debut at the 2019 Geneva International Motor Show. The car is named for Jesko von Koenigsegg, father of founder and CEO, Christian von Koenigsegg.
    The Koenigsegg Jesko has a twin-turbo V8 producing 1280hp on regular gasoline. It produces 1600hp on E85.
    Jesko features a new Koenigsegg-developed 9-speed gearbox featuring 20-millisecond shifting between ANY gears.
    With a maximum 1400kg of downforce, Jesko will be the ultimate road-legal track weapon. A sister model with less downforce and more focus on top speed is also available.
    Read all the information at www.koenigsegg.com/car/jesko
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  • Obinna Edoh
    Obinna Edoh 4 timmar sedan

    I will buy one of your cars Christian so please keep pushing the limits & innovating beyond our wildest dreams. That Engine, that gear box & everything else in this car that is out of this world...

  • Kavinsky Smith
    Kavinsky Smith 14 timmar sedan

    Jesus, this is the only car company where they actually BUILD the car from the spyhunter games in reality, save for the gadgets of course, and man am I happy with how fresh this thing looks, as it feels like the koenigsegg's of the past have always been a slight revision ontop of each other, while the Regeria and the Jesko here are the first to finally break that mold.
    and I wonder just how many Bugatti owners canceled their orders directly after this showing, as while the Veyron 2.0 is its own thing, as its as fast as you can go in an American Land Yacht,
    or if your a WO Bentley boy and REALLY want to insult them, as fast as you can go in an Volkswagen made Truck/SUV, while this is as fast as you can go in a proper Supercar.
    as literally the prototype of the Veyron was originally a VW W12 supercar that got changed over to a Bugatti and further got developed into that W16 when they bought the name. As they rightfully thought no one in their right mind would buy a supercar with a VW badge on it.
    and even with how impressive they are, I still dont like the things,

  • 78
    78 15 timmar sedan

    I was thinking OMG that’s beautiful......
    Then it opened in show mode..... I gotta change my pants now!

  • max gutierrez
    max gutierrez Dag sedan

    Falta que lo compre otro mexicano para que lo desgracie.

  • BlacklagoonFish
    BlacklagoonFish Dag sedan +2

    Divo: I’m the fastest car in the world now suck on that Agera RS and one: 1
    Jesko: Hold my beer.

  • Youtube University
    Youtube University Dag sedan

    Damn...that got me. What a cool moment for everyone ❤

  • DCfreakshow
    DCfreakshow Dag sedan

    6:30-6:35 Nurburgring possible with this car.

  • DCfreakshow
    DCfreakshow Dag sedan

    This crowd has all the money and power and basically no knowledge of the awesomeness of this car.

  • Shaun PC
    Shaun PC Dag sedan

    Truly truly amazing, what a gesture to honour his respect for his father in such a spectacular way. 👍🏻

  • Janne Rahkamaa
    Janne Rahkamaa Dag sedan

    That's most beautiful thing ever

  • Zilda Prioli
    Zilda Prioli 2 dagar sedan


  • 3DFX
    3DFX 2 dagar sedan +1

    If a Koeningsegg were a song it would be titled: " Smack My Bitch Up" because it was produced by "The Prodigy" /// Christian Von Koeningsegg... \\\

  • Angelo Marco Trevisan
    Angelo Marco Trevisan 2 dagar sedan +1

    The people attending this presentation had either absolutely no clue what Christian was talking about or were busy texting when he made smart little jokes. I felt really bad for him, a genius and truly genuine person. No applause, no reactions, only silence, but for the wrong reason. Dear Christian, please go your own way and stop making any official presentations at car shows. Just show the car. Koenigsegg is dreaming with eyes wide open. Peace.

  • Vincent Thorzell
    Vincent Thorzell 2 dagar sedan


  • Nescille Mananquil
    Nescille Mananquil 2 dagar sedan

    Koenigsegg jesko vs the devel sixeen vs terzo millennio vs f80

  • Churros Burritos
    Churros Burritos 2 dagar sedan +1

    I also want a son like Christian, such a proud for his family 😌

  • fonkyman
    fonkyman 3 dagar sedan

    koenigeggss back to show everybody how to do it...

  • Angelo Marco Trevisan
    Angelo Marco Trevisan 3 dagar sedan +4

    I truly hope that the people around you, besides being impressed and surprised by the Jesko, were able to catch the shining sparks of true love, respect and gratitude for your father, that were floating through the air, surrounded by your voice, then the people might have seen a true masterpiece: The human being, Christian. Thanks.

  • John Dalecki
    John Dalecki 4 dagar sedan

    Once upon a time NASA was the engineering standard that brought forth future trends and innovation. Christian does what NASA couldn't do with a 100 billion dollar budget.

  • Pro Builder
    Pro Builder 4 dagar sedan

    The door avoids a high curb...I wouldn't dare park this car on ANY street!!! Gorgeous car! Engineering marvel!!

    • DCfreakshow
      DCfreakshow Dag sedan

      Pro Builder You are to park this in your living room. The dogs and children can sleep outside

  • Willem P
    Willem P 4 dagar sedan

    I have pi pi in my eyes like a little girl.The last time that happend was with Chip Foose and his father...God...that thing is beautiful!!!!And the weels...I have a boner.Buy one now.That is 100% a classic new born.....

  • Jason Lynch
    Jason Lynch 4 dagar sedan

    like all good shit these will only go up in value... used RS for sale in CA for 5.1million 3/21/19

  • MrCorvusC
    MrCorvusC 4 dagar sedan

    What happened to sexy and romantic supercar names? Pantera, Miura, Vanquish, Zonda. Jesko just sounds like a brand of soap or something. I know, I know. It's a name. Still. It's a goddamn HYPERCAR. Worst offenders are models that just have random numbers and letters. Surely if you have an exotic car you wouldn't want it to be named in a less interesting way than a cheap hatchback.

  • Victor
    Victor 5 dagar sedan

    Don’t like that Mrs Koenigsegg can’t even say ”Jesko” the Swedish way. She americanized it. It’s Jesko like ”Yesko”

  • rimsy kaur
    rimsy kaur 5 dagar sedan

    Headlights looks like it is from hennesy venom F5 Mega car With some new design elements

  • Porash S
    Porash S 5 dagar sedan

    legend.. Mr K

    DEADPOOL 9 5 dagar sedan

    Love Koenigsegg 💙💙💙

  • A.J. Constantino
    A.J. Constantino 6 dagar sedan

    How does anybody give this video a thumbs-down? I don't get it

    • Richard Smart
      Richard Smart 6 dagar sedan

      Must be Bugatti/Hennessey fangirls...

  • Douglas Brown
    Douglas Brown 6 dagar sedan +1

    This is the kinda thing that brings a tear to your eyes... Christian is an AMAZING MAN... WOW!!! Just Damn Amazing... Not only does Christian have Passion, Background, BUT HE HAS A Personality and true love for his work and Family. Christian is an AMAZING MAN!!!

  • Marco Marco lynx
    Marco Marco lynx 7 dagar sedan

    A true legend, great Chris. You deserve all of this. A passion, one man a story

  • Mark Nicholas
    Mark Nicholas 7 dagar sedan +1

    I very much doubt I will ever be able to afford a Koenigsegg but I always appreciate the engineering integrity behind their work. What an achievement the Jesko is, well done.

  • alan2021233
    alan2021233 7 dagar sedan

    that was the most dead crowd ever

  • Klaus Vokiee
    Klaus Vokiee 7 dagar sedan +1

    Absolutely Mind Bogling ! A Beautiful Car ! I wish that they would make a sort of Sports Wagon that one can even Camp in ! Or a 7 Seater People Mover , totally Streamlined like this Car is !

  • old worm
    old worm 7 dagar sedan +1

    *Looks like every Koenigsegg. But that's me, I'm not a supercar guy, I'm old school*

  • Wes
    Wes 7 dagar sedan

    Truly Awesome . This guy could take over the car world if he wanted and would make all different kinds of cars , suvs , trucks and so on . he does things no one else ever thought of or if they did had no idea how to do it.

  • rick tm
    rick tm 8 dagar sedan

    Combustion engine? T E S T O S TE R O N E I N C R E A S E S

  • Claudio
    Claudio 8 dagar sedan

    Dear Mr. Koenigsegg, please continue to pursue the goal of setting new records on the Nordschleife!
    Show what your cars are capable of on the best racetrack in the world.

  • Luiz Marcos
    Luiz Marcos 8 dagar sedan

    All you boys fighting and arguing about a car none of you will ever buy.

  • laki2nice
    laki2nice 8 dagar sedan

    Driving this beast and playing music from ABBA song (the winner takes it all) it will be perfect

    • Richard Smart
      Richard Smart 6 dagar sedan

      I prefer "The Name Of The Game", but in this case...

  • Gelson Brasil
    Gelson Brasil 8 dagar sedan

    Bugatti lose one more time

  • D S
    D S 8 dagar sedan

    Will the compressed air system work on my transit custom?

  • Miding Modi
    Miding Modi 8 dagar sedan +1

    Ibhramovic wants doug demuro to give this jesko a doug score.

  • christian larsson
    christian larsson 8 dagar sedan

    The female presenter was not very good

  • greg monroe
    greg monroe 8 dagar sedan

    What about your mother? "if it wasn't for her you wouldn't be here"

  • Teresa Lewis
    Teresa Lewis 8 dagar sedan


  • 57 Vette
    57 Vette 8 dagar sedan

    The cars have always been ugly. Why with all this money there are no designers? The mighty baldiegg is doomed....

  • Kevin Thow
    Kevin Thow 8 dagar sedan

    This is the best car for use as toilet to poop.

  • evo
    evo 9 dagar sedan

    Truly a masterpiece. Koenigsegg keep outdoing themselves.

  • Claud Reindl
    Claud Reindl 9 dagar sedan

    SEclips must have an algorithm that multiplies dislikes by 100...either that or we have some very envious people who sold their souls to another brand, and now realize that they bet on the wrong horse. By the time for the home stretch, these people will be dumping their other brands, and claiming they never owned them. B, F, H, L, McL who?

  • Kapten Jan
    Kapten Jan 9 dagar sedan


  • Kapten Jan
    Kapten Jan 9 dagar sedan

    U are a Supercar guru! 😊 keep up! Less attention to price more attention to inovation!

  • Kapten Jan
    Kapten Jan 9 dagar sedan

    It is so beautiful.. much more beautiful than the Bugatti :)

  • ShadgotemGames
    ShadgotemGames 9 dagar sedan

    Looks good

  • Carl Kolthoff
    Carl Kolthoff 9 dagar sedan

    Just 20 minutes ago, I saw a pickup truck with a closed Koenigsegg car trailer behind it right outside my local gas station! Nearly pissed my pants and got a heart attack! Was really close to turn around and start talking to the guys, but after second thought I decided they're probably pretty tired of being attacked by fanboys everywhere they go.

  • Nico
    Nico 9 dagar sedan

    Koenigsegg is really the best car manufacturer in the world. It seems with every release of a new model they innovate on literally EVERY SINGLE aspect of the car. Not to mention they do all of the design, production, and manufacturing in-house. Other brands like Bugatti, Ferrari, and Lamborghini seem to just throw more power and crazier looks at us while advertising numbers that are just sliiightly better than previous iterations. Meanwhile with this release there's so much new tech and new features that have never even been seen in the car world before. Congrats on the amazing work Christian and the team behind this car. I'm sure this company will go down in history as one of the greatest to ever exist.

    A poor man who will probably never even see one of these in person.

  • Buck Wilder
    Buck Wilder 9 dagar sedan

    So inspirational Guy

  • SuperByte
    SuperByte 9 dagar sedan


  • Music Fuel
    Music Fuel 9 dagar sedan +1

    The *Geneva International Motor Show* must have been astonishing!!

  • myrrh curie
    myrrh curie 9 dagar sedan

    Awesome. Any plans to get into hydrogen???

  • Some Name
    Some Name 9 dagar sedan

    Since they are doing everything in house even the engine, one thing they could do to be unique is an old style formel 1 engine that can rev like 16k+. With new tech this should be viable now. Would be a fun thing to do before everything is electric.

  • Temuri Shengeliya
    Temuri Shengeliya 9 dagar sedan


  • dennis ferreira
    dennis ferreira 9 dagar sedan

    Muito bonito mais bonito que o bugatti

  • MotorsportsX
    MotorsportsX 9 dagar sedan

    Looks like every other koenigsegg

  • Alireza Zadeh
    Alireza Zadeh 9 dagar sedan

    Fix your back first and then be‍ a representative of Koenigsegg.

  • ElectronicMusicHQ
    ElectronicMusicHQ 9 dagar sedan

    He's putting Bugatti execs on suicide watch at 10:05

  • Ozzstar
    Ozzstar 9 dagar sedan

    Who else had an orgasm?

  • kyle palmer
    kyle palmer 9 dagar sedan

    Ewwww no different from regera I don’t like the look of the regera

  • Dessy Hamfry
    Dessy Hamfry 9 dagar sedan


  • tlove21
    tlove21 9 dagar sedan

    Love this guy and how he loves. Koenigsegg is just and awesome guy.

    AMAKIPKIP BRAND 10 dagar sedan

    Well done!

  • Camjam
    Camjam 10 dagar sedan

    Wow, beautiful car. Fingers crossed this is getting in Forza Horizon 4. Also, I just wanted to say, this man is my inspiration. I won't reveal anything else, but perhaps 15 to 20 years from now this comment will make more sense. Only time will tell.

  • Eric haskell
    Eric haskell 10 dagar sedan

    Why the dislikes? Because it’s not electric? What a group of morons.

  • Little Galanti
    Little Galanti 10 dagar sedan

    Feo carro

  • Complex Runner
    Complex Runner 10 dagar sedan

    9:12 Transformers 7 Confirmed

  • Hassaneepoo
    Hassaneepoo 10 dagar sedan

    i recon this will be the cover car for the next forza


    I wanna see this break that 300mph barrier

  • Demetrick Louis
    Demetrick Louis 10 dagar sedan

    One day you will be fawning over my cars. Christian I'm taking notes.

  • Adam löfström
    Adam löfström 10 dagar sedan

    So nice of him.. and the dad just crys and crys.. 👍🏼

  • Fenix Troll
    Fenix Troll 10 dagar sedan

    Es un sueño de carro. Ojalá pudiera ver uno así sea de lejos aquí en Colombia xD

  • GM Autoteile Swiss GM Autoteile Swiss

    www.gm-autoteile.ch next

  • Andrej
    Andrej 10 dagar sedan

    480kmh !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • BambiMambi BambiMambi
    BambiMambi BambiMambi 10 dagar sedan


  • Feridun Stock
    Feridun Stock 10 dagar sedan +1

    Stålt över gubben 👏👏

  • music 4 the soul
    music 4 the soul 10 dagar sedan

    I need this car on top gear soon. Cant wait for the boys to talk about this one. Craftsmanship at it finest. Love the car.

  • Mr Platon 91
    Mr Platon 91 10 dagar sedan

    20 sec in n I'm already creating fake profiles for likes...

  • Hobo God
    Hobo God 10 dagar sedan

    I have 1 dollar and nvm

  • Horsepower Enthusiast
    Horsepower Enthusiast 10 dagar sedan

    Christian has outdone himself once again. He should be proud, along with his father.

  • The Headman
    The Headman 10 dagar sedan

    Great ... another car 99.9% of us will never own or even drive in 😂

  • Bread man Chubbz
    Bread man Chubbz 10 dagar sedan

    I already got my money waiting for it to come out in Gta

  • Utoobia
    Utoobia 10 dagar sedan

    10:13 the proud look on dad's face. Some guys become successful and buy their dads a new car. This guy builds a megacar, names it after his dad, and has it spinning arouind at a press release in front of him. The only way for a guy to beat this kind of moment with dad, is to do the same with a spaceship or at least a flying car.

  • Sundar Pichai
    Sundar Pichai 10 dagar sedan

    Oh look, it's an Agera with a bigger wing

  • Sundar Pichai
    Sundar Pichai 10 dagar sedan

    Can we just break mach 1 already?

  • I I
    I I 10 dagar sedan

    Im almost certain Dubai will have the majority of them. Youll see these things run into walls alot. Like giving a loaded gun to a baby. Money doesnt buy you skill or ability.

  • Hammer Dragon
    Hammer Dragon 10 dagar sedan

    Very nice ride two thumbs up 👍 👍

  • freedomfyter
    freedomfyter 10 dagar sedan

    I don’t know it looks too impractical for the streets.

  • Marc Andre Manfredi
    Marc Andre Manfredi 10 dagar sedan

    His father is a true gentleman we have known him since he presented the first car in Geneva. A just tribute to a man who has a smile for everyone.. My compiments Cristian for completing your dream come true..

  • Gamer du Québec
    Gamer du Québec 10 dagar sedan +1

    Glad to see its still has a beautiful sounding gas engine.

  • siyaneliswa shozi
    siyaneliswa shozi 10 dagar sedan

    9:40 "You can unscrew the roof then drive back home really fast if it is raining" 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Kenai Mitchell
    Kenai Mitchell 10 dagar sedan

    Love the car but her speech was bad😂😂

  • Silvester Marete
    Silvester Marete 10 dagar sedan +1

    I love admiring cars I won't afford in my life. Wait!! I'll never see them in real life, never!!