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  • The Sidemen play Hide & Seek on a Cruise Ship! Enjoy!
    Sidemen Clothing:
    Thanks so much to MSC Cruises for letting us be some of the first people ever on their brand new ship MSC Bellissima. If you want to find out more about the ship visit
    ● Miniminter:
    ● Zerkaa:
    ● Behzinga:
    ● Vikkstar123:
    ● TBJZL:
    ● Wroetoshaw:
    ● KSI:
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  • Brick Buster
    Brick Buster 16 timmar sedan

    6:30 voice crack

  • Kambing69
    Kambing69 16 timmar sedan

    17:33 baby

  • Okami-Rose
    Okami-Rose 17 timmar sedan

    JJ Bulking

  • Maxx 123
    Maxx 123 18 timmar sedan

    I fell that jj won

  • Kasper Myrstøl
    Kasper Myrstøl 18 timmar sedan

    Like so Josh can get his bracelets...

    Dat boi need dem

  • OWEBOE 2
    OWEBOE 2 18 timmar sedan

    JJ in the restaurant is so me

  • andres payan
    andres payan 18 timmar sedan

    Bulking meme will never die

  • Joonazz
    Joonazz 18 timmar sedan +1

    Am i only one who thinks that Josh looks like white drake

  • Zano Skitz
    Zano Skitz 18 timmar sedan

    Josh: This is impossible
    (Sees Ethan and Harry)
    Josh: Na I’ll leave them

  • AG_Gaming_YT_TTV
    AG_Gaming_YT_TTV 19 timmar sedan

    We really just gonna ignore that voice crack
    6:34 “they got a football PiTcH”

  • xenon plays
    xenon plays 19 timmar sedan

    The question is how can u top this for next vid

  • Nathaniel Jones
    Nathaniel Jones 19 timmar sedan

    Could hide in the buffet and start eating fatty

  • JamDonuts
    JamDonuts 19 timmar sedan


  • Sufyan
    Sufyan 20 timmar sedan

    damn .. dope outro

  • Penny Gillespie
    Penny Gillespie 20 timmar sedan

    Hide and seek + JJ BULKING video

  • EghxsaB13 _
    EghxsaB13 _ 20 timmar sedan +1

    Nah JJ won the guy that tatted him out is a snake

  • StudyRoots World
    StudyRoots World 20 timmar sedan

    14:12: Cheesus! 😂 I am sorry that was bad

  • gummyguy18
    gummyguy18 21 timme sedan

    6:32 the voice crack lmaoXD

    TG ELITE 21 timme sedan

    JJ 200 pounds later: “guys I'm bulking"

  • FYLD11
    FYLD11 22 timmar sedan

    One of the best videos ive ever seen. Genuinely cheered me up. #DepressionIsRealAtTheMoment #ThankYou

  • Yolts
    Yolts 22 timmar sedan


  • Ethan Smith
    Ethan Smith 22 timmar sedan +1

    Every bit of me wanted jj to win😂

  • joshua ho
    joshua ho 22 timmar sedan

    I was really hoping that jj would’ve won

  • T-Bag Bear
    T-Bag Bear 22 timmar sedan

    JJ is not playing hide and seek he's playing bulk and seek

  • Nando G
    Nando G 22 timmar sedan +1

    Bulk and sleep

  • Nando G
    Nando G 22 timmar sedan +1

    Football piiiitch *voice crack

  • Asvecity XXX
    Asvecity XXX 23 timmar sedan

    JJ lookin Thiccc

  • Owen Hoexum
    Owen Hoexum 23 timmar sedan

    Ethan:they can’t be hiding in the buffet
    JJ:I think I might get more pizza ya know
    This video is mostly JJ deciding what to eat in a buffet

  • Angry 8
    Angry 8 23 timmar sedan

    It's not hard to get that many kills In console severs

  • Nathalie Powell
    Nathalie Powell 23 timmar sedan

    It's the thot wall

  • mohamed Eltayeib
    mohamed Eltayeib 23 timmar sedan

    Why am I so black

    OPERATION BLACKOUT 23 timmar sedan

    Practically JJ won because harry was with vik the whole time and everyone was meant to be seeking

  • Sub Zer0
    Sub Zer0 Dag sedan

    15:18 “im literally the smartest sidemen” great grammer jj👍🏻

  • HowDoIPlayGT
    HowDoIPlayGT Dag sedan

    Vik's IQ over 250

  • ColbyJenny
    ColbyJenny Dag sedan +1

    Vik always seems to take these hide and seeks games into the most serious way

  • KyUuBi 271
    KyUuBi 271 Dag sedan

    JJ gets his bulk on😂 What a lad he lasted for ages lol. Nice one man😂

  • Kennedy Tran
    Kennedy Tran Dag sedan

    There goes JJ bulking again

  • Billboy Gaming
    Billboy Gaming Dag sedan

    Eathans voice crack at 6:33

  • Nickatrix10
    Nickatrix10 Dag sedan

    JJ had the right idea

  • Redoctane
    Redoctane Dag sedan

    What app do they use for there workouts

  • Pew pew Pew
    Pew pew Pew Dag sedan

    Lol KSI didn’t even try.

  • Maybe Ninja2
    Maybe Ninja2 Dag sedan

    Tobi: My options are limited...
    JJ: Hides in toilet

  • Charles Kelly
    Charles Kelly Dag sedan

    That actually made me laugh out loud, frikin enjoyed this vid

  • Ata kaya
    Ata kaya Dag sedan

    Who else thought this was in black ops 2

  • mitchell mcclelland

    How is that man gonna snitch on JJ like that

  • ChubyCheeks245
    ChubyCheeks245 Dag sedan

    I love side & heek!

  • pO0t _
    pO0t _ Dag sedan

    14:08 did he say *cheesus?*
    15:22 eat - *bulk*

  • Turcean
    Turcean Dag sedan

    OMG...CHEESUS 14:10

  • G King V
    G King V Dag sedan

    JJ is a mood

  • Raphael Sanbar
    Raphael Sanbar Dag sedan

    10:34 “I’m bulking”

    BIG CHUNGUS Dag sedan +1

    6:33 Epic voice crack.

  • Xxnguzman25xX
    Xxnguzman25xX Dag sedan +1

    Anyone else have to pee when they play hide and seek?

  • Deez Biscuitz
    Deez Biscuitz Dag sedan

    I’m bulking

  • DeadFac3 Gaming
    DeadFac3 Gaming Dag sedan


  • Craig Longfellow
    Craig Longfellow Dag sedan

    Ksi be bulking

  • Nabeel S
    Nabeel S Dag sedan

    He's *BULKING*

  • alitz.
    alitz. Dag sedan

    23:50 seems so fake tho.. xdd

  • Creepy Stories
    Creepy Stories Dag sedan

    The real winner is JJ

  • Charlie O'Neill
    Charlie O'Neill Dag sedan

    4:13 why does tobi sound like he’s about to cry😂

    BISCUITtheDOG Dag sedan

    Ethan getting really skinny

  • Lucija Kovinčić
    Lucija Kovinčić Dag sedan

    Jj’s bulkimg

  • Daniel Straughan
    Daniel Straughan Dag sedan

    They should of done it with subscribers

  • Patrik Helenius
    Patrik Helenius Dag sedan

    Omg ethan's voice crack🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Sam Forshaw
    Sam Forshaw Dag sedan

    My chwest

  • Beno de Caelo
    Beno de Caelo Dag sedan

    Vik deserved this win.

  • Ninja Hawk
    Ninja Hawk Dag sedan

    JJ is so funny

  • Hou Matty
    Hou Matty Dag sedan

    11:20 i just realised, i dont know where my passport is

  • T.Bone
    T.Bone Dag sedan

    It appears Jj is “BULKING” 😂

  • Andrei Timpea
    Andrei Timpea Dag sedan

    Bro,check the buffe please 🤣🤣

  • lizaf iniaz
    lizaf iniaz Dag sedan

    Jj well played and MVP

  • pewdiepi e
    pewdiepi e Dag sedan

    Jj I'm bulking

  • Sabeen Hasnain
    Sabeen Hasnain Dag sedan

    Hide and seek vid are amazing pls do more love all your vid

  • Raja Jee
    Raja Jee Dag sedan +1

    Ksi and tobi are meh faves like if their yours toooooo

  • Valter Arlert
    Valter Arlert Dag sedan

    the voicecrack 6:33 doe

  • Steinar
    Steinar Dag sedan

    Ksi is bulking

  • SepTic iiCoN
    SepTic iiCoN Dag sedan

    JJ living life

  • Pea Y
    Pea Y Dag sedan

    12:52 dead

  • Luis Sanchez
    Luis Sanchez Dag sedan

    yo vik is piña colada not pina coloda are u dumb.

  • Lamar Davis
    Lamar Davis Dag sedan

    How many pizzas does JJ eat?

  • Outcast slayers - OCS

    Ksi is bulking

  • Gratata  World
    Gratata World Dag sedan

    15:28 anybody find that cute :))

  • Ivana Amet
    Ivana Amet Dag sedan

    7 ads God damnnn

  • IS Donut
    IS Donut Dag sedan

    I’ve done this too but we were only allowed on 2 floors

  • Flaire Soul
    Flaire Soul Dag sedan

    The Sidemen should do a nerf war and invite a special person and do a 4v4

  • FC 3S
    FC 3S Dag sedan

    Btw vick looks like shroud on certain angles

  • FC 3S
    FC 3S Dag sedan

    I never laugh so much in this day. Damn contents on this exact day is so much entertaining

  • XV52T934567
    XV52T934567 Dag sedan

    6:34 voice crack

  • Ariel Tjoanda
    Ariel Tjoanda Dag sedan

    6:46 the janitor saw the camera 😂

  • Sergei The Pug
    Sergei The Pug Dag sedan +1

    Vikk explanation 👌

  • Ian Verboom
    Ian Verboom Dag sedan

    why is josh face not at the boottem? XD

  • Royal
    Royal Dag sedan

    Is on a $900 million dollar cruise ship

    Tobi: my options are limited 3:45

  • Angus Buckland
    Angus Buckland Dag sedan

    Hijacked from BO2 LMAOOO

  • Terry Neofitos
    Terry Neofitos Dag sedan +26

    JJ: Am I allowed another pizza
    Chef: 👍

  • Kelechi Egbukichi
    Kelechi Egbukichi 2 dagar sedan +1

    Ksi: why am I soo black
    Vick: ........

  • Glacial
    Glacial 2 dagar sedan


  • Ella ella
    Ella ella 2 dagar sedan

    i went on symphony of the seas the biggest cruise ship in the world.

  • Kayon Williams
    Kayon Williams 2 dagar sedan

    How the he'll did they spend 900 000 000 pound to buy a yacht that is not worth to do a nice and seek video

  • Beavzzz
    Beavzzz 2 dagar sedan

    Titanic 2.0

  • jurcek jurcek1999
    jurcek jurcek1999 2 dagar sedan +1

    Vikkistar at 12.30 over there, over there,over there😂😂

  • Oliver Burgess
    Oliver Burgess 2 dagar sedan

    Anyone else glad Randolph wasn’t in this