Pastry Chef Attempts to Make Gourmet Reese's Peanut Butter Cups | Gourmet Makes | Bon Appétit

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  • Publicerades den 5 mar 2019
  • Reese's Pieces, Reese's Miniature Cups, Reese's Sticks, Reese's Big Cups, Reese's Big Cups Stuffed with Crunchy Cookie, Reese's Big Cups Stuffed with Reese's Pieces(!), Reese's Pumpkins and a million other Reese's variants. But there shall only be one Reese's product that Claire gourmet-izes: the classic Reese's Peanut Butter Cup. Join Claire Saffitz in the Bon Appétit Test Kitchen as she attempts to make a gourmet version of Reese's.
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    Pastry Chef Attempts to Make Gourmet Reese's Peanut Butter Cups | Gourmet Makes | Bon Appétit
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  • Bon Appétit
    Bon Appétit  15 dagar sedan +1317

    Get your Half-Sour Saffitz shirt here!

    • Alexis Stone
      Alexis Stone 20 timmar sedan +1

      Claire needs to make forchin cookies

    • ExploringFate
      ExploringFate 20 timmar sedan +2

      Reese's sells the peanut butter they use to make the Peanut Butter Cup's if you know where to get it. But it is used for stores who make fresh peanut butter ice cream.

    • Ash Jay
      Ash Jay 5 dagar sedan

      omg you should do a gourmet kinder maxi king !!!!!!!!!

    • Alexis Stone
      Alexis Stone 5 dagar sedan

      Can you make gourmet forchin cookies

    • Alexis Stone
      Alexis Stone 5 dagar sedan

      Can you make forchin cookies

  • Tsehai Alfred
    Tsehai Alfred 12 timmar sedan +1

    Make Twix next!!!!

    SPLITZ PLAYZLATE 15 timmar sedan

    Just put penut butter in chocolate

  • Norman Hussaini
    Norman Hussaini 18 timmar sedan

    T-shirt design idea: Temper the chocolate, Claire

  • jockslap
    jockslap 18 timmar sedan

    It's not unsafe to use the canned air, but it will utterly ruin your food. They put a bittering agent in it to discourage morons from huffing them.

  • mia k
    mia k 18 timmar sedan

    Can you try to make gourmet Tim tams?

  • Alice
    Alice 20 timmar sedan

    Jos Louis

  • Rehana Dinmahamad
    Rehana Dinmahamad 20 timmar sedan

    Gourmet m&ms!!!!!

  • Trent Craft
    Trent Craft 21 timme sedan

    gourmet pop rocks

  • Airi Chan
    Airi Chan 22 timmar sedan

    you should try making some GoldFish crackers!!! :D (Or as I call them: Fishy crackers!)

  • Payton Braun
    Payton Braun 22 timmar sedan

    I want to see Claire try and do Milano's.

  • Pedro's Films
    Pedro's Films 23 timmar sedan

    I love this series so much! I love to get home, have a shower, have a big tall glass of wine while i eat dinner and watch Claire struggle after i struggled the whole day. It makes me so happy. HAHAHA

  • Chelsea Petersen
    Chelsea Petersen 23 timmar sedan

    I need more of this! tim tams next !!!

  • Eleanor Musick
    Eleanor Musick Dag sedan

    @bonappetit PLS make BETTER claire saffitz merch we LOVE HER PLEASE!!!!

  • Scarlett Blossoms
    Scarlett Blossoms Dag sedan

    Can Claire try to make the CADBURY cream eggs next?? For Easter/April?? I LOVE this series! :)

  • Betzy C
    Betzy C Dag sedan


  • Peachy B
    Peachy B Dag sedan

    Gourmet Honey Nut Cheerios!

  • Deborah Dang
    Deborah Dang Dag sedan

    Please try to make the grey stuff!!!

  • chefalex77
    chefalex77 Dag sedan

    A) The canned air she is using says RIGHT ON THE CAN that there is a "bittering agent" added to the can to keep junkies from huffing the gas. This is obviously not something you want to spray on your food! B) I would think that an outfit like Bon Appetit would have a chocolate company on their speed dial....these companies sell food-grade canned air. A little research goes a long way.

  • Unicorn Party
    Unicorn Party Dag sedan

    You should make gourmet Cadbury Cream Eggs for Easter

  • Nicole Lavigne
    Nicole Lavigne Dag sedan

    You definitely can't temper the chocolate. I often have some of the chocolate on the bottom of a Reese's cup stick to the paper and peel away from the filling. If you used the cupcake liners that are foil on the inside then it would probably come away easier. You can lick cake crumbs off those things, or scrape the cake with your teeth. That's the only change you need.

  • iCanHasCoolUsername

    Mmmm, these look gooooood!!!
    And I’m glad Claire stuck to her guns and didn’t temper the chocolate in this episode.
    If someone makes this at home they can temper it if they want, but with it being untempered it seems to be closer to the original.
    I might make these myself, but try dark chocolate instead of milk. My mom loves dark chocolate and her birthday is coming up. 😃

  • Clarisa Anderson
    Clarisa Anderson Dag sedan

    You should make Lindt LINDOR next!

  • Mark Martin
    Mark Martin Dag sedan

    She really didn’t want to make this

  • Linda Hartman
    Linda Hartman Dag sedan

    Triskets would be an interesting Gourtmet Makes.

  • Conner O'Neill
    Conner O'Neill Dag sedan

    Buy a boom microphone guys...

  • Christoph Weber
    Christoph Weber Dag sedan

    Please try to make gourmet nic nac‘s

  • Ellio green
    Ellio green Dag sedan

    Good info and video on cooking

  • gec141
    gec141 Dag sedan

    Would love to see a swedish fish episode :)

  • Ashby Symms
    Ashby Symms Dag sedan

    Made an almond Joy next!!!

  • daiseh
    daiseh Dag sedan

    gourmet beuno???

  • Charlie Wettleson
    Charlie Wettleson Dag sedan

    I’m kind of disappointed because I’m the other episodes she really changed and improved food and in this episode she just made a peanut butter cup.

  • EstherLaVista
    EstherLaVista Dag sedan

    Can you make Rice Krispies (I think it's a UK cereal) where the challenge is to make them *snap, crackle, pop* 😮

  • Brad Yanus
    Brad Yanus Dag sedan

    Can you please try to make Samoa’s?!

  • Roman Marquez
    Roman Marquez Dag sedan

    She clearly has never heard of how people huff air duster to get high...

  • Dan Jeong
    Dan Jeong Dag sedan

    Please make brussels cookie from pepperidge farms

  • Amy Charlotte
    Amy Charlotte Dag sedan

    pls pls pls try gourmet doritos? we need to know how to make those bad boys at home! (Cool and chilli heat wave, obvs - cheese doritos are trash)

  • Pernille K
    Pernille K Dag sedan +1

    Would be entertaining to see Claire attemting to make gourmet chewing gum:)

  • GamleErik100
    GamleErik100 Dag sedan

    I see a Bon Appétit video with Claire, makes my day. \o/

  • johntheother
    johntheother Dag sedan +1

    this video is amazing. It's a cooking show in which the host whines endlessly about having to cook.

  • Blutige Tränen
    Blutige Tränen Dag sedan

    People giving her crap for not tempering the chocolate... she's meant to make gourmet versions of the food while still replicating it's original characteristics. Otherwise she could just... make anything that has chcocolate and peanut butter and call it good

  • Payton Braun
    Payton Braun Dag sedan

    I could literally watch these videos for hours and not get bored. Watching Claire do literally anything to avoid tempering chocolate is so entertaining.

  • J. P.
    J. P. Dag sedan

    It’s painful watching Claire make food.

  • sik
    sik Dag sedan

    Is her hair just gray or dyed gray

  • Amy Kamagate
    Amy Kamagate Dag sedan +1

    I don't think claire was a child. She just came out of the womb grown and mature.

  • Pavonis 0111
    Pavonis 0111 Dag sedan

    I just used melted chocolate peanut butter and powdered sugar

  • Brigitte Gray
    Brigitte Gray Dag sedan

    Yes a pop tart episode would be so good

  • Alexandra J P
    Alexandra J P Dag sedan

    Pop tarts should definitely be next

  • Abigail Vazquez
    Abigail Vazquez Dag sedan

    make jolly ranchers

  • Le Po
    Le Po Dag sedan

    I think a good spin off youtube channel, attempt to actually make all of claires recipes at home.

    • Le Po
      Le Po Dag sedan

      No my idea but i agree.

  • 26lux
    26lux Dag sedan

    Claire should make a gourmet drumstick ice cream cone

  • No Content Found Here

    That liquid is *OXYGEN* . It's cold because it is under *HIGH PRESSURE* .

  • Soledad Carrillo
    Soledad Carrillo Dag sedan

    make uncrustables

  • Skittlez 54
    Skittlez 54 Dag sedan

    Fruity pebbles

  • Skittlez 54
    Skittlez 54 Dag sedan

    Fruit roll up

  • Skittlez 54
    Skittlez 54 Dag sedan

    Moon pies

  • Skittlez 54
    Skittlez 54 Dag sedan

    Oatmeal cream pies

  • Skittlez 54
    Skittlez 54 Dag sedan

    You should make welches fruit snacks!!!!!!

  • Priyank Bhatia
    Priyank Bhatia Dag sedan +1

    You should do Ritz cheese cracker sandwiches

  • literallysydd
    literallysydd Dag sedan

    "maybe conch your own chocolate" lmao wait can you please

  • Scott King
    Scott King 2 dagar sedan +2

    Hmm I didn’t know gourmet simply means “pissing about and over complicating “ ... ya learn something new everyday ... oh and the secret is smooth peanut butter and icing sugar for the filling

  • imraycl
    imraycl 2 dagar sedan

    The vibrations from the air pump would have spread that Chocolate smooth.

  • Marie Herzog
    Marie Herzog 2 dagar sedan

    You should make m and M's

  • Noelle Midkiff
    Noelle Midkiff 2 dagar sedan

    claire should make goldfish next

  • Cody Briley
    Cody Briley 2 dagar sedan

    Gourmet Combos! Pretzel Pizza 🍕

  • lexiloo
    lexiloo 2 dagar sedan

    Pleassseee pretty ease make cadbury eggs!

  • Michael Linner
    Michael Linner 2 dagar sedan

    For proper tempering you have to wait until the chocolate glows a bright hot yellow-white and then use your sledge hammer to beat it into the shape you are looking for. If it cools just reheat it and don't forget to quench it to assure that it gets hard, in oil. Then it's time to attach a handle to it.

  • Andy Hansen
    Andy Hansen 2 dagar sedan

    still don't know why she didn't just use the wrappers from the candies...

  • Andy Hansen
    Andy Hansen 2 dagar sedan

    tootsie rolls! i just wanna know if they're taffy or caramel....

  • Phil Boudreau
    Phil Boudreau 2 dagar sedan

    If you made it with Pic's peanut butter (NZ), it would be amazing!

  • ashley parrillo
    ashley parrillo 2 dagar sedan

    do you think you can try Lindtt milk chocolate truffles?

  • M Silas
    M Silas 2 dagar sedan

    Why ...not everything needs to be gourmet!!

  • NinjaDragonL
    NinjaDragonL 2 dagar sedan

    Make gourmet pop rocks

  • Delaney O'Neil
    Delaney O'Neil 2 dagar sedan

    You should make those strawberry crunch ice cream bars!

  • Destination Daddio
    Destination Daddio 2 dagar sedan

    yeah thats to much work just go buy them

  • floweringgarlic
    floweringgarlic 2 dagar sedan

    Okay Claire, I had an idea. You should do Lunchables.

  • avery evans
    avery evans 2 dagar sedan +2

    You should make pop tarts

  • Thanos
    Thanos 2 dagar sedan +1

    why are all the women middle aged
    and all the men are gay

  • Bryce Giordano
    Bryce Giordano 2 dagar sedan

    I want her to do Toaster Strudels

  • Anca Lautarescu
    Anca Lautarescu 2 dagar sedan

    make gourmet kinder eggs

  • Madisyn Sexton
    Madisyn Sexton 2 dagar sedan

    Claire make air heads!!

  • Valeria Soto
    Valeria Soto 2 dagar sedan

    Omg plz do McGriddle

  • Joana Guedes
    Joana Guedes 2 dagar sedan

    Make Maltesers next 😘

  • Brendan
    Brendan 2 dagar sedan +3

    Claire “I Will NOT Temper This Chocolate” Saffitz

  • Jesselyn Stanberry
    Jesselyn Stanberry 2 dagar sedan

    I’d love to see a butterfinger episode!

  • Clément Pernot
    Clément Pernot 2 dagar sedan

    « Pastry Chef »??? I’m not sure about it...

  • Justin Brisebois
    Justin Brisebois 2 dagar sedan

    What’s the point in doing this if you’re not gonna put the extra effort in? Just temper the chocolate

  • Luisa TABUSH
    Luisa TABUSH 2 dagar sedan

    Do jelly beans !!

  • Kamilla Bridges
    Kamilla Bridges 2 dagar sedan

    Please make GIRL SCOUT Cookies

  • Dietzharlee
    Dietzharlee 2 dagar sedan

    I always love watching these.

  • Kennith Anderson
    Kennith Anderson 2 dagar sedan

    Can you make Moon Pies

  • Savanna G.
    Savanna G. 2 dagar sedan

    you should try to make gourmet peeps for Easter.

  • Audrye Shirah
    Audrye Shirah 2 dagar sedan +1

    Peanut M&Ms
    Milk duds
    Junior mints
    Hot tamales

  • Claire Allen
    Claire Allen 2 dagar sedan

    God bless you all

  • Claire Allen
    Claire Allen 2 dagar sedan

    God bless you all

  • Samantha Molina
    Samantha Molina 2 dagar sedan

    I wanna see claire try to make hot pockets.

  • jacesaces15
    jacesaces15 2 dagar sedan


  • clallseven
    clallseven 2 dagar sedan

    I want to marry this woman!

  • Key Of all worlds
    Key Of all worlds 2 dagar sedan

    Do Cadbury creme filled chocolate eggs next please and thank you

  • elizabeth hernandez
    elizabeth hernandez 2 dagar sedan

    Claire!!!!!!! You should make pulparindo !! It’s a Mexican tamarind pulp candy