What Language Am I Speaking? (Round 2) | Lineup | Cut

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  • Publicerades den 5 mar 2019
  • Our #lineup guessers try to figure out what language these strangers are speaking to them
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    What Language Am I Speaking? (Round 2) | Lineup | Cut
    #Cut #Lineup #Challenge
  • NöjeNöje

Kommentarer • 22 969

  • KingeltonAJ
    KingeltonAJ Dag sedan

    *A wild dutch joined the party*

  • Val Malakhov
    Val Malakhov Dag sedan

    Hmmmm the Russian hmmm he can barely speak it

  • Galaxy264
    Galaxy264 Dag sedan

    Its hilarious if you can actually speak one of these languages

    RICHY Dag sedan

    Oh, maar hoe die meid in die blauwe jurk praate bij de nederlandse vrouw op het einde van de video klonk ze meer flaams 😂😂

  • 秀良龍之介
    秀良龍之介 Dag sedan


  • Andrew Yang
    Andrew Yang Dag sedan

    I love yana!!!!

  • BlxeBunnie
    BlxeBunnie Dag sedan

    Are we not gonna talk about the guy in the purple who was just talking like a slut and a whore and a thot?

  • Hina Janjua
    Hina Janjua Dag sedan

    ommmmgg the pakistani man panicking when she said to say something sweet so he just starting singing lmaaaaao, desi problems

  • roey 2543
    roey 2543 Dag sedan

    Just saying that women's Hebrew isn't really good

  • Hina Janjua
    Hina Janjua Dag sedan

    omg im so glad they brought yana (the girl in the jean dress) to do this. she was so great in the last video

  • d tczyk
    d tczyk Dag sedan

    4:08 hahaha awesome

  • Adi Kd
    Adi Kd Dag sedan

    she definitely don't know hebrew but it think that she pronounced the hebrew like it sounds to people who don't know hebrew
    i think that if she was native speaker and pronounce everything correctly they would react exactly the same way .

  • Amol Kakkar
    Amol Kakkar Dag sedan

    That Urdu guy was nowhere close to actually having a conversation in Urdu, like since I will most likely talk to him in English if he came up to me with that accent -_-

    THØRGムL D.C Dag sedan

    BELGIUUUUUMMMM !!!!! 🇧🇪🇧🇪🇧🇪🇧🇪🇧🇪

  • Oscar Nilsson
    Oscar Nilsson Dag sedan

    what's with the girl who thinks she's everything? "i'm from southeast asia ", "i'm a good portion mongolian"? Seems like one of those people who's lived abroad for a couple of years and now thinks she's indigeneous.

  • Jaimin
    Jaimin Dag sedan

    אני אהבה כות!

  • The Dragon Wolf
    The Dragon Wolf Dag sedan +1

    *shoulda said Wakanda*

  • Devan LaBrier
    Devan LaBrier Dag sedan

    11:05 I was gonna say whatever language they speak in The Sims.

  • alexandralukas
    alexandralukas Dag sedan

    This guy speaking ~russian~ speaks too bad for someone who has a degree in russian language

  • Kim D
    Kim D Dag sedan

    Je lijkt wel een giraf? wtf is dat

  • zed zed
    zed zed Dag sedan

    Please put Hungarian if you do another one like this 🙌

  • sophea ng
    sophea ng Dag sedan

    Holy shit as a Cambodian I didn’t even recognise the first sentence bc the accent was so different and unsure AHAHAH

  • Jared Martin
    Jared Martin Dag sedan

    I love the casual racism against white people placed as comedy!

  • Máriusz Kalenda
    Máriusz Kalenda Dag sedan

    Be Hungarian too 😈

  • Sohiba Sheralieva
    Sohiba Sheralieva Dag sedan

    YEEEEES! RUSSIAN! suka blyat, da poshli vi americosi! Ahahaha

  • Zeynep Selvi
    Zeynep Selvi Dag sedan

    Please bring a Turkish, I wanna know what people think about my language

  • Zecory 3
    Zecory 3 Dag sedan

    Suck my dick passionately, but in Russian X""D

  • Lord Bob
    Lord Bob Dag sedan +1

    We need to find this girls @ 0:20

  • ItsFeliciaTime
    ItsFeliciaTime Dag sedan +1

    You can hear at the woman that is speaking dutch hasn't been there for long. Idk if she was born there but she speaks as an child which is really cute to hear from her xD

  • Yam Alon
    Yam Alon Dag sedan

    the Hebrew "speaker" is horrible, bad grammar (3 yo do it better) and the half Jewish will look stupid if he will repeat what she told him

  • Olympias
    Olympias Dag sedan

    0:32 "I speak fluent Chinese" ...?? Chinese is not a language.... Mandarin or Cantonese dude. (I know that there are dialects but those are that, dialects, we're talking language).

  • Meredith Mazer
    Meredith Mazer Dag sedan

    yeah i gotta say, as someone who speaks hebrew, that was NOT the right person to pick, her accent was off, and um so was her grammar? like the one thing that was asked of her was how to say i love you and she got it wrong. im disappointed. get someone who actually speaks the language. :)

  • blank
    blank Dag sedan

    11:11 sounds like a sims character lmao

  • Brutus
    Brutus Dag sedan

    Take a swiss guy next


  • arleni martini
    arleni martini Dag sedan


  • quto 92
    quto 92 Dag sedan


  • Malka Does Stuff
    Malka Does Stuff Dag sedan

    Dutch be the Sims language

  • Bork PomPom
    Bork PomPom Dag sedan

    I don’t think it’s that hard to find an authentic Russian person. (I watched this with a highly offended Russian person)

  • Vera Bosch
    Vera Bosch Dag sedan

    Niemand praat zo in Nederland dit was een of ander Rotterdams accent

  • DasParadoxon
    DasParadoxon Dag sedan

    5:40 this guy seems pretty educational for me. Hes really smart! Also he kinda looks like my old math teacher :D

  • Suliel
    Suliel Dag sedan

    Russian guy comes in and starts insulting. Me: wh did I understand that he calls him bitch.... oh maybe because I play counter strike and I get insulted by Russians all the time so I instantly realise that it's russian

  • kirsty Ros
    kirsty Ros Dag sedan

    I am Dutch and I thought she was speaking south African...

  • Jānis Grīnvalds
    Jānis Grīnvalds Dag sedan

    That was very bad Russian in terms of pronunciation

  • AForWin
    AForWin Dag sedan

    anyone knows what the belgian girl her insta is?

  • maria k
    maria k Dag sedan

    oh my god the guy that speaks russian got me hella confused, russian is my native language and I didn't even recognize it right away
    also the fact that he sweared a lot upsets me, I mean I agree that curse words are kinda a big part of russian language but there's no need to be THIS agressive


    he cant speak good hindi

  • Marty Diablo
    Marty Diablo Dag sedan

    This Pakistani was weak af

  • Stark
    Stark Dag sedan

    Его русский на уровне моего английского) Могу ли я смело назывть себя носителем языка?

  • Squeebosh
    Squeebosh Dag sedan

    あいさす (Aisasu/Greetings)
    I'm currently learning Japanese and I'm surprised I didn't see it in this video. (At this moment, I don't remember if the title said this video is the second of its kind from this channel or not so I'm assuming if it is Japanese shows up in the first video.)
    じゃあまた (Jāmata/See you)

    • Squeebosh
      Squeebosh Dag sedan

      So there was a part one but still no 日本語。(Nihongo/Japanese Language.)

  • wassap124
    wassap124 Dag sedan

    Some of these were terrible,
    The one that spoke Russian has a really bad accent, and then one with Hebrew is just plainly grammatically wrong

  • Six SixSeven
    Six SixSeven Dag sedan

    The Dutch girl sounded more Flamish than Dutch lol

  • Chris Meier
    Chris Meier Dag sedan

    that black russian had me laughing...lol....and i am russian

  • Iael Sarah Amoyal
    Iael Sarah Amoyal Dag sedan

    The girl who speak Hebrew was wrong, she said "ani ohev at" and the right way to say it is "ani ohev otach" and the way a girl say it is : "ani ohevet otach"

  • OHM-968692
    OHM-968692 Dag sedan +1

    Pretty ironic that the Urdu guy insults white people in Urdu with a white accent LMAO
    *K A N S A S Z I N D A B A D*

  • Gerald Imhof
    Gerald Imhof Dag sedan

    well that one was more difficult

  • The chosen one
    The chosen one Dag sedan

    they wouldve NEVER guessed finnish..

  • OHM-968692
    OHM-968692 Dag sedan +2

    My guesses:
    1) Mongolian or Ryukyuan
    2) Lingala? - damn I got it spot on!
    3) Inuktitut - initially I thought he was speaking a Caucas language...
    4) Obviously Russian - like really bad Russian lmao
    5) Hebrew
    6) Sounds like weird Hindi... maybe Kashmiri or some Pakistani language? - ok wtf that did not sound like Urdu.
    7) Dutch
    8) Vietnamese but he said Khmer before I could decide.

  • Awais Javed
    Awais Javed Dag sedan

    wow sorry dude your urdu accent was way off.

  • ValTheWarriorCat
    ValTheWarriorCat Dag sedan

    Can we get a video with just the tall guy hes so good at this

  • Artiom Sobolev
    Artiom Sobolev Dag sedan

    Can't understand how this c#nt get a degree in the Russian language when he not able to say a simple sentence properly...

  • Cumali Baba
    Cumali Baba Dag sedan

    What's Yanas insta

  • Yamaha
    Yamaha Dag sedan

    I can hear the English accent through the 'Dutch' girl, but it's not bad.

  • Mllx__08
    Mllx__08 Dag sedan

    I'm a french/congolese🇨🇩🇫🇷 and i speak lingala but for "hi" isn't "Mbota" but "Mbote" voilà bisous de la France :)

  • Danna B
    Danna B Dag sedan

    I'm sorry, but the Hebrew was all wrong.

  • megan chairil
    megan chairil Dag sedan

    The Kongo guy is so beautiful omg

  • Manou Liesker
    Manou Liesker Dag sedan

    Cyka blyat

  • Cold North
    Cold North Dag sedan

    6:04 that was incredibly sad to hear. :(

  • Femke
    Femke Dag sedan

    For the Dutch people here:
    Ben ik de enige die dat Nederlands van die vrouw een beetje gek vond klinken?? (Die getinte)

  • Jonna Heijke
    Jonna Heijke Dag sedan

    Yeah i was like, even though her Dutch was pretty good, she was for sure not a native speaker.

  • Cumali Baba
    Cumali Baba Dag sedan


  • Kamuy's
    Kamuy's Dag sedan

    Is the fat one rascist ? Or it's just me

  • Niiels
    Niiels Dag sedan

    the dutch one no one speaks like that lmao

  • Bill Bold
    Bill Bold Dag sedan

    Mongolians who hate Chinese are fucking stupid, because china gives them all the funding the country needs. I say this because I am Mongolian.

  • Tomy Bravi
    Tomy Bravi Dag sedan

    I'm already a fan of the man with the brown shirt. Please bring him back again to the next episodes.

  • Rosie Random
    Rosie Random Dag sedan

    Omg when I heard that guy speak khmer I’m like I finally found my ppl I didn’t even have to look at the captions

  • Element
    Element Dag sedan

    That Russian 🤦‍♂

  • Arseni Huryeu
    Arseni Huryeu Dag sedan

    I am russian and i speak way better

  • Arseni Huryeu
    Arseni Huryeu Dag sedan

    Pick a real russian

  • Arseni Huryeu
    Arseni Huryeu Dag sedan

    Not real russian

  • martina sanchez fernandez

    what’s the tall guy’s name?

  • Harvey Mitchell
    Harvey Mitchell Dag sedan

    why does dutch sound like someone speaking english backwards?

  • nazia javaid
    nazia javaid Dag sedan

    I don't want to offend anyone but what kind of Urdu he was speaking, he just spoke 3-4 words of Urdu and the rest wasn't even close enough to original language.

  • Nar*en
    Nar*en Dag sedan

    9:53 gay panic at its finest

  • pretty wise
    pretty wise Dag sedan +1

    бля этот парень который говорил на русском так ужасен, серьезно. у него сильный акцент что я не понимаю некоторые слова. простите.

  • webeskimo
    webeskimo Dag sedan

    fuck this this was hard......who knows khmer, mongolian or dutch or congolese etc. the people in the video were not dumb either lol like

  • Thanos Sat
    Thanos Sat Dag sedan

    0:00 so hot girl man

  • Zong Xiong
    Zong Xiong Dag sedan

    Still waiting to see reactions to Hmong language.

  • Oruc Furkan Torun
    Oruc Furkan Torun Dag sedan


  • Gabriel Kay
    Gabriel Kay Dag sedan

    The Hebrew speaking girl has a very low level of Hebrew and gave improper grammar as well for 'I love you'. If a woman is saying I love you to a man it would be Ani ohevet otcha and if the man was saying it to a woman it would be Ani ohev otach. Where do they find these people!?

  • Eva G
    Eva G Dag sedan

    I wish they do catalan and euskera...

  • itamar levy
    itamar levy Dag sedan

    That women who spoke hebrew spoke the worst hebrew I've ever heard. Im fluent in hebrew and she was so wrong about so many things

  • Adam Kusza
    Adam Kusza Dag sedan

    Guys. Bring Hungarian laguage :D Noone will figure it out! It is very nice and sweet language btw. I think the watchers gonna love it ;) (for example Barbara Palvin is a Hungarian)

  • Iris ???
    Iris ??? Dag sedan

    I’m Dutch!!!!

  • Nadav Refaeli
    Nadav Refaeli Dag sedan

    just saying that the girl that talked Hebrew did many mistakes, "I love you" is "Ani oe'ev(t - fem) otach(a - masc)"

  • Rangga Solagracia
    Rangga Solagracia Dag sedan

    You should invite laoshu 50500

  • DoodleDan
    DoodleDan Dag sedan +6

    7:07 OK WOAH THERE! That's fckin creepy mate!

    *YoUtUbE dEmOnEtIzE tHiS cRaP*

  • Valle Beller
    Valle Beller Dag sedan

    I am a native russian speaker and I was kinda suprised because of the russian speaking guy

  • Casius Clay
    Casius Clay Dag sedan

    Why blacks always learn sexual words. Wtf so stupid

  • OstravaBonGamez
    OstravaBonGamez Dag sedan

    Huh i bet im the only Mongolian psda yuma

  • Kaia A
    Kaia A Dag sedan

    Mekakarum mekakarum mekakarum mekakarum mekakarum mekakarum mekakaaarumm