Gordon Ramsay Cooks Buffalo For A Cambodian Tribe | Gordon's Great Escape

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  • Publicerades den 7 mar 2019
  • While in Cambodia, Gordon Ramsay visits a local tribe where he witnesses the traditions of a newlywed couple and helps collect honey.
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  • NöjeNöje

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  • Messorem Mortis
    Messorem Mortis 14 timmar sedan

    My dyslexia fucked with me on the title of this video

  • Tra Tra Music
    Tra Tra Music 14 timmar sedan

    Next Video: Cambodian cook Gordon Ramsy for baffalo.
    -To get revenge for his car.😂

  • Christos316
    Christos316 14 timmar sedan

    2:10 and here we see Gordon crashing a Cambodian dude's car over and over and over again

  • Joel Muro
    Joel Muro 14 timmar sedan

    Rip Buffalo

  • Finediningindian.com
    Finediningindian.com 15 timmar sedan

    That's Interesting

  • Israel Adefemi
    Israel Adefemi 16 timmar sedan

    I love this. Well done Gordon.

  • Ranong Ving
    Ranong Ving 17 timmar sedan

    I I’m Cambodia but I was born in America

  • K2
    K2 17 timmar sedan

    And now the buffalo are all extinct because they keep trying to recreate this dish.

  • Black Rifle Coffee
    Black Rifle Coffee 18 timmar sedan

    This dude is a cunt.

  • Producer
    Producer 18 timmar sedan

    That’s dope

  • JesusistheSavior salazar
    JesusistheSavior salazar 19 timmar sedan

    Minute 6:40 tony ya!!!! Lol

  • FBI Agent
    FBI Agent 19 timmar sedan

    Ramsay sucks

  • Gaming With Manticore
    Gaming With Manticore 21 timme sedan

    8:37 it sounded like big chungus

  • FoodieGal 99
    FoodieGal 99 21 timme sedan

    Buffalo’s all like....”Uh uh. Not today. I seen this sh!t happen to my cousin. Y’all not taking me alive!” Next scene: Buffalo meat cubes all spread out.

  • Kha Trần Đặng Nguyên

    Ceerrrxcdsxssen,grhaxrecweerdrrrrrtccv. c

  • james arrabis
    james arrabis 21 timme sedan

    2:16 The old lady was like "the hell"

  • Jireh Faith Paragoso
    Jireh Faith Paragoso 21 timme sedan

    natawa ako sa sasakyan 😂😂
    like kung natawa din kayo

  • disputionOFdeathkeep
    disputionOFdeathkeep 21 timme sedan

    Who the hell would give this video thumbs down? Fuck those idiots!

  • charles gilbert
    charles gilbert 22 timmar sedan

    My mom is from Vietnam, I showed this episode to her she cried happy tears. My dad was one of the 1st American troops to land in Vietnam in 1965 and met my mother . From 1965 to 1973 he would never went back home. My 2 older brothers where born and I was in making.

  • JoKang Pua
    JoKang Pua 23 timmar sedan

    Asians, especially village regions, will tell a caucasian his cooking is great even when its nothing special, since its just a habitual matter. Really wanna know if your cooking is good or just so-so, don't ask the adults. Look at the children expressions. For better or worst, its the children honest expressions that speaks more.

  • William Del Valle
    William Del Valle 23 timmar sedan

    You better finish that shot

  • Tom Ganks
    Tom Ganks 23 timmar sedan

    Drives in, breaks the guy’s car, then flies off in a helicopter. Lmfao

  • Rubenzombie2
    Rubenzombie2 Dag sedan

    How fake is this.

  • Vannroth Moeun
    Vannroth Moeun Dag sedan

    i didn't even know u came to my country :D

  • Ricky Lam
    Ricky Lam Dag sedan

    Next episode: Khmer Rouge cooks Gordon Ramsey for dinner. What is a good recipe. Anyone 😇😇😇😇😇😇

  • Black_Leopard
    Black_Leopard Dag sedan +1

    *Cambodian Grandmas start chugging rice wine*
    Gordon Ramsay: "Time to GTFO of here"

  • Hampus Björklund
    Hampus Björklund Dag sedan

    Gordon: “I’ve arranged to meet a local by the name of Monay to take me to the village of popoll”
    I swear I thought he said the village of Poop Hole

  • Chris Pedersen
    Chris Pedersen Dag sedan +6

    This is how many people love Gordon ramsay

  • alexis Applause
    alexis Applause Dag sedan

    Cambodian guy jokes : we cook you now haha.

  • Sick Dangles
    Sick Dangles Dag sedan

    Man that looked lit

  • Sean Flower
    Sean Flower Dag sedan

    You should go to Philippines too

  • Water sits flat Anywhere you go


  • Alexis Anderson
    Alexis Anderson Dag sedan

    In the jungle the mighty jungle Ramsey Cooks tonight

  • Jamall Henderson
    Jamall Henderson Dag sedan

    Yeah this tribes never heard of soy sauce way to bring the western world influence into a small Cambodian village your still a douche bag 😂🤣

  • Siluman Beriman
    Siluman Beriman Dag sedan

    This looks 2004

  • ConnectiKID
    ConnectiKID Dag sedan

    Gotta get to a wedding feast? Why not take a helicopter, to meet at guy, who will take you there. Instead of taking the helicopter, of course

  • keomonyduong Keo
    keomonyduong Keo Dag sedan +1

    2:56 she said "sorry, we only got the sour wine the sweet ones ran out"

  • Gladys Abordo
    Gladys Abordo Dag sedan


    EL- MAGNIFICO Dag sedan

    Can I drive

  • Lee A10
    Lee A10 Dag sedan

    We must teach them our greatest word. Gordon: Fuck!

  • James Yuop
    James Yuop Dag sedan

    Poor buffalo

    EL CORILLO TV Dag sedan

    very humble

  • SykoJ Gaming
    SykoJ Gaming Dag sedan

    I can only imagine being one person having so many experiences like this. Incredible.

  • EliTe
    EliTe Dag sedan

    "fuck it's hot"

  • Chris Wallace
    Chris Wallace Dag sedan

    All the internet trolls are commenting I see

  • Kareem
    Kareem Dag sedan +1

    If u noticed they hit the buffalo then the camera shy away

  • Ben Baird
    Ben Baird Dag sedan

    Breaks there car

  • Brittany Youbg
    Brittany Youbg Dag sedan +2

    His calling was clearly cooking not driving lol

  • piercinghearts
    piercinghearts Dag sedan +2

    Girl at 8:09 was like, i know he aint touching all of our desserts

  • Lanre Ademuyiwa
    Lanre Ademuyiwa Dag sedan

    Wth the brake doesn't work

  • Amorphophallus
    Amorphophallus Dag sedan

    The village of Poophole

  • iWillWakeYouUp
    iWillWakeYouUp Dag sedan +2

    "Hello, I'm Gordon from Glasgow"
    Don't know why but that cracked me up lol

  • Gaming Lilly
    Gaming Lilly Dag sedan

    I Cambodian.I am going this . meet me there.i live in America.and I wear clothes.

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    Haris Tutorials Dag sedan

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  • World Eater
    World Eater Dag sedan

    Gotta love that Far Cry 3 car

    CHANDAN SINGH Dag sedan

    lmao when he said brake does not work and stops miles away 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • eli mac
    eli mac Dag sedan +2

    “Age old recipes”
    Pours contents of a plastic bag into pot. Yeah okay I can cook top ramen too bud

  • mEtAlMaNiAc787
    mEtAlMaNiAc787 Dag sedan

    lol he crashed going like 5mph!

  • Kevin Pickford
    Kevin Pickford Dag sedan +1

    Gordon gets lit in the jungle with a random tribe

  • Sir .Driken
    Sir .Driken Dag sedan +1

    This guy must been extremely passionate about cooking to go to freaking Cambodia alone with a camera man.

    • Joe Connor
      Joe Connor Dag sedan

      He didn't go alone! Just looking at the camera work, an entire crew was involved. Not to mention security.

  • Vichet S. Som
    Vichet S. Som Dag sedan

    That's awesome

  • wen li ritchie lee
    wen li ritchie lee Dag sedan

    do gordon know how much he crashed the car? its atleast $300 USD. but in cambodia its equal to $3,000 to that person.

  • Ersa Kusuma
    Ersa Kusuma Dag sedan

    3k vegetarians dislikes this video

  • julz gaming ph
    julz gaming ph Dag sedan

    It looks like tuba or coconut wine to me like here in Philippines

  • ALLdayALLday
    ALLdayALLday Dag sedan


  • Lous Rath
    Lous Rath Dag sedan

    I am people in Cambodai welcome to my country

  • Beano
    Beano Dag sedan

    What is it 32 degrees? friggen poms and the "fuck it's hot" Welcome to hell

  • Sikat Na Si Pedro
    Sikat Na Si Pedro Dag sedan

    idol chef ramsey pls go to our country Philippines and cook some food for our beloved president duterte and also visit our tribe ifugao,eata etc...

  • Northythepanda
    Northythepanda Dag sedan

    Was it called poophole?

  • Princess Secillie
    Princess Secillie Dag sedan +1

    The humor side of this video gives me a good laugh 😂 nice video ♥️

  • Resonance of Illumination - Ambition of Void

    That truck died a long time ago. Set it free.

  • Chaos Knight
    Chaos Knight Dag sedan

    Crashes car and bows

  • Adam Adillah Muchtar

    Hong: yeah

  • Solemn Solace
    Solemn Solace Dag sedan

    Poor buffalo knew he was going to die he fought against it. R.I.P. Mr. Buffalo.

  • Dev
    Dev 2 dagar sedan +21

    When you start watching Gordon Ramsay clips and now you can't stop.

    • Loki Fenrir
      Loki Fenrir 20 timmar sedan

      Dev i just started! god bless my spare time

  • Leo Salynas
    Leo Salynas 2 dagar sedan

    Does anybody see Steve Harvey's face on that basket 5:52

  • mark raciles
    mark raciles 2 dagar sedan

    Freddie roach

  • Milton Molina
    Milton Molina 2 dagar sedan

    He crashed the car, didn’t even drink the drink they gave him 💀😂😂😂

  • Scarrell
    Scarrell 2 dagar sedan

    Looking for the idiot animal activist comments about him riding an elephant, but also don't realize how if they were raised there it would literally be completely normal and you wouldn't think otherwise in your life being born and rasied in the tribe

  • no face
    no face 2 dagar sedan

    Gordon has severe mental health problems 😣

  • Lovė Cöök
    Lovė Cöök 2 dagar sedan

    “How does it taste?”
    “Ghaan” yeah “Ghaan”
    *translates to*
    “Tastes like white shit.”

  • ecsyntric
    ecsyntric 2 dagar sedan

    finally some smart and witty comments

  • Luis Guzman
    Luis Guzman 2 dagar sedan

    “Apocalypse now” anyone ?

  • James Phillips
    James Phillips 2 dagar sedan

    nobody wants to hear about the honey rice balls over a comms mic. dont record that shit on video it dumb you already have multiple studios ffs

  • Valorous Gamer
    Valorous Gamer 2 dagar sedan +1

    Where the supermarket located at 👀👀

  • Jaime Cristilli
    Jaime Cristilli 2 dagar sedan

    Badass Ramsay❤️ Your The Best❤️ OORAH🇺🇸

  • TLB Chains
    TLB Chains 2 dagar sedan +1

    Gordon: "Thats crazy"
    Man: "yes"

  • Diki Suprianto
    Diki Suprianto 2 dagar sedan

    He's humble more than we know

  • Minerva Ortiz
    Minerva Ortiz 2 dagar sedan

    An average african party 7:00

  • YouTube TV
    YouTube TV 2 dagar sedan

    this show is amazing

  • classy walker
    classy walker 2 dagar sedan

    In some countries if u turn down there offerings you would b killed

  • theyahoo you
    theyahoo you 2 dagar sedan

    Instead of the giy helping out in the wedding preparations,he is te ding to ramsey

  • theyahoo you
    theyahoo you 2 dagar sedan

    He is like the bad tourist asians have to take care of because he might his little white neck if they don’t...maybe their cooking is much better than yours ramsey

  • Logan Vann
    Logan Vann 2 dagar sedan

    The look he makes when he thinks about gettin summa dat good honey

  • Detroit Worlds END
    Detroit Worlds END 2 dagar sedan

    That buffalo like fuck y'all

  • Lis B Shala
    Lis B Shala 2 dagar sedan

    a poor tribe in the woods make beter food then some restaurants in america and uk

  • Raven The Witch Queen
    Raven The Witch Queen 2 dagar sedan

    That food look nasty as a mug!!!

  • iSiriGacha
    iSiriGacha 2 dagar sedan +1

    Poor buffalo

  • MoonZ DinkyZ
    MoonZ DinkyZ 2 dagar sedan

    Buffalo cooks a Gordon Ramsay for a bee tribe

  • Deepak
    Deepak 2 dagar sedan

    gordon u have the best smile in the world when u eat something really good