Game of Thrones | Season 8 | Official Trailer (HBO)

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  • ravikumar ramasamy
    ravikumar ramasamy 6 timmar sedan

    What happened to the shadow ? The stannis baratheon son !?

  • Retrìca
    Retrìca 6 timmar sedan

    John is gone ride the other dragon, oh shit oh fuck

  • Hargun Chawla
    Hargun Chawla 6 timmar sedan

    Prediction: Cersei Lannister would suicide.

  • Alphonce Entertainments
    Alphonce Entertainments 6 timmar sedan

    Prepare for the Battle... I can't wait

  • Phoenix Pegasus
    Phoenix Pegasus 6 timmar sedan

    @ 1:05 cersei is drinking and crying that means she has lost her child

  • LouisAyy
    LouisAyy 6 timmar sedan +1

    Going to sleep now lol...

    Imagine if I wake up with 540 subs xD 😂

  • Shankar Damodaran
    Shankar Damodaran 6 timmar sedan

    I came to see the Weirwood Tree 1:18

  • Saurabh Singh
    Saurabh Singh 6 timmar sedan

    One thing is sure 101% that CERSIE is also going to join the battle of winter fall along with her golden army for the living
    As little finger did in battle of Bastard

  • Antoi Kirs
    Antoi Kirs 6 timmar sedan

    Shit!¡!!!!! Can not wait

  • Masayu Mabrura
    Masayu Mabrura 7 timmar sedan

    Lord Varys might be the KING

  • James Evans
    James Evans 7 timmar sedan

    My theory:
    Poderick will do to the Night King what he did to those girls and save Westeros with his magic shlong

  • Shubham Sharma
    Shubham Sharma 7 timmar sedan +1

    ǝɹǝɥ ʎllɐuᴉɟ sᴉ ʇᴉ🤗

    SAMURAI STEVEN 7 timmar sedan

    well time to watch last season to catch up lol

  • Esther Gathoni
    Esther Gathoni 7 timmar sedan +1

    1:11 if they kill one more of Dany's kids I swear to GOd

  • yaso yaso
    yaso yaso 7 timmar sedan

    Plzzz we need a happy ending. 😫😫😫😫😫😫

  • Esther Gathoni
    Esther Gathoni 7 timmar sedan

    1:11 if they kill one more of Dany's kids I swear to GOd

  • Khaleb Titus
    Khaleb Titus 8 timmar sedan

    Arhya is the key to the livings victory if we live

  • Ploepie Scoop
    Ploepie Scoop 8 timmar sedan

    I am hyped and sad at the same time😢😱...

  • noah
    noah 8 timmar sedan

    I like this.

  • Thor Unleashed
    Thor Unleashed 8 timmar sedan

    25 more days! Not that I am counting or anything... lol :)

  • Zakaria Allaoui
    Zakaria Allaoui 8 timmar sedan +1

  • Kat Vincent
    Kat Vincent 8 timmar sedan

    I hope Arya and Jaqen will have to "duel"... but will pretend they don't know each other just like Jaqen mention at Harrenhal; they will shake hands like in the pact drawing, where she will then pass him the faceless man coin discretly and say, 'valar moghulis', he will reply 'valar doheris'; that is why the coin is valuable. He has to take her to Bravvoss. Because there is only one thing you say to death, 'Not Today.' They will fake duel aka the dance with death symbolism which will end with them killing their adversary. Then hopefully, they go to Bravvoss to get the Arsenal and attack Dragonstone. Though they could both die...... Hoping not though...

    • Mael .B
      Mael .B 7 timmar sedan

      Kat Vincent wtf

  • ーAkashi
    ーAkashi 8 timmar sedan

    Me crying already like a waterfall

  • Aarkenstein
    Aarkenstein 8 timmar sedan

    I think dany should have to think breeding the dragons. She lost one already. If she could come up with 5 or 6 dragons, then she dont need any army.

  • Vishnu Suresh
    Vishnu Suresh 8 timmar sedan


  • al mukhles
    al mukhles 8 timmar sedan +1

    I think the fucking seirce will sit on the iron throne next to DONALDE TRUMP

  • Mr.Vizerius
    Mr.Vizerius 8 timmar sedan +1

    Who still watch the Trailer ?

  • TV Series18
    TV Series18 8 timmar sedan

    Amazing dragon

    ROBINSON DINAH 8 timmar sedan

    this is final season? i cant wait,

  • hello
    hello 9 timmar sedan


  • Stefania Cristea
    Stefania Cristea 9 timmar sedan

    Omg is so creepy

  • Sheikh Sanad Iqbal
    Sheikh Sanad Iqbal 9 timmar sedan

    Night King be like "Apna Time Aayega.."

  • FanArt
    FanArt 10 timmar sedan

    This is much better than any marvel movie

  • Gabriel Stevens
    Gabriel Stevens 11 timmar sedan

    Just when we thought Game of Thrones is all they all GoT... they bring us news of an Old Republic trilogy.

  • arain amd
    arain amd 11 timmar sedan

    .Arya is talking about Bran when she says Death got many faces.

  • arain amd
    arain amd 11 timmar sedan

    1. Jon was brought to live by Children of the Forest using dragon glass and not Melisandre.
    2. Drogon & Rhaegal killed Viserion with the help of Bran & Jon who became Azor Ahai bring Viserion back to life ( with the help of Daenerys of cause) .
    3. Stark & Targayren were cursed by the Night King and if any of the Stark & Targayren were bond through marriage, he will gains his power back slowly and becomes stronger.
    4. The Night King's after the baby Cersei's carrying.But not to forget Craster's last child, little Sam.
    5. Winterfell lost the war against the Night King.
    6. The Night King will sits on the Iron Throne.
    7. If there is a Night King, there will be a Night Queen. Is it Cersei? Is it Sansa? Or the Queen Melisandre's serve?
    8. The Night King reanimate the dead dragons buried under the Red Keep. The dance of the dragon will happen soon after that.
    9. The Night King is a Targayren.?.
    10. Daenerys died and reunited with her true love, Khal Drogo.
    11. When Cersei try to use wildfire to kill Jon, Jon wasnt burned and he survived and it also proves tht Jon is Azor Ahai.
    12. Bran wargs intentionally into Night King's mind so that Arya can kill the Night King using the Valyrian Steel Dagger that she gave to Arya by thrusting it into his(Bran's) heart.
    13. Arya will marry Jon Snow?
    14. Sansa is still the legitimate wife of Tyrion.
    15. Aerys Targaryen was mad because of Bran's doings.
    16. Brans is the one who makes things easier for the Night King and his armies of the dead to march forward. No matter how strong the ancient spells were carved on something or place, the spells broken if Bran was there because he was touched by the Night King before.

  • Tyler Haley
    Tyler Haley 11 timmar sedan

    Maybe its just me buuuuuut im pretty sure they mean the last season. As in seasons of the year spring summer fall. Its the last season because from now on its always winter.

    SIBI CHAKRAVARTHY PANDI 11 timmar sedan +2

    I will tell my future generation" I'm there when winter came"

  • ИВА Channel
    ИВА Channel 11 timmar sedan

    Скайрим для нордов!

  • raouf Mohammedi
    raouf Mohammedi 12 timmar sedan

    تريلر عجيييب موسم 8 راح يكون وااااو متاكد رسميا
    بس ان شاء الله نهايته تكون مثل بريكينج باد

  • xoxo sistar
    xoxo sistar 12 timmar sedan

    Oh well Ive got about 24 days to rewatch season 6 and 7 before this bomb launches

  • Tadz Tadzie
    Tadz Tadzie 12 timmar sedan

    I just want to have a talk with the 20k people who disliked this video. I want to take them on a trip...a trip back to sense!

  • Vincit Labor
    Vincit Labor 12 timmar sedan

  • 3kab Hzeem
    3kab Hzeem 12 timmar sedan

    نهاية حزينة لقضاء سلسلة صراع العروش اعظم انتاج شاهدته في حياتي

  • اموري ابن النجف

    اكو عرب بالطيارة

  • Organicaofficial
    Organicaofficial 12 timmar sedan


  • Mr Meeseeks
    Mr Meeseeks 12 timmar sedan

    Brans line and delivery is so under appreciated

  • Andrea Gucci
    Andrea Gucci 13 timmar sedan +1

    Follow LA BOLLETTA BOLLENTE on instagram for a sure betting!!! We are on fire!!!

  • THEAutisticBrony
    THEAutisticBrony 13 timmar sedan

    If the white walkers win, we riot.

  • Amin Alizadeh
    Amin Alizadeh 13 timmar sedan

    I have watched the trailer probably 40 times. Ahh what a rookie number!

  • RiseMidnight
    RiseMidnight 14 timmar sedan +1

    This sucks

  • M S
    M S 14 timmar sedan

    Our enemy doesn’t tire, doesn’t stop, doesn’t feel...cuts to Cersei at the end. Love how it applies to her and the night king

  • D’après Lili
    D’après Lili 15 timmar sedan

  • Atta Halilintar
    Atta Halilintar 16 timmar sedan


  • Kechroud Dounia
    Kechroud Dounia 17 timmar sedan

    Winter is here

  • ndabezinhle pfute
    ndabezinhle pfute 17 timmar sedan

    aint nothing great like the return of Stannis Baratheon

  • Faby Maldonado
    Faby Maldonado 17 timmar sedan

    A girl wants to see the season 8 now

  • Bobo Absolutt
    Bobo Absolutt 17 timmar sedan

    This is a new record for a trailer ?

  • varsha chaubey
    varsha chaubey 18 timmar sedan

    'the final season' broke my heart.

  • Carlo Dizon
    Carlo Dizon 18 timmar sedan

    Im shocked when bran spoiled eveything about jon targaryen
    Edit:or aegon targaryen

  • JOMBS geoscientique
    JOMBS geoscientique 18 timmar sedan

    25 days left

  • Izzy Turner
    Izzy Turner 18 timmar sedan

    Jon better get tf up on Rhaegal I SWEAR to god

  • hullubaloo100
    hullubaloo100 18 timmar sedan

    I wonder, did they give the night king the mean to actually defeat them ?? By going beyond the wall they provoked the situation where Vysirion dies and thus they offered the NK the mean to break the wall. Would the army of the dead been able to cross w/o dragon ??

  • Myth Mythy
    Myth Mythy 19 timmar sedan


  • liand saputro
    liand saputro 19 timmar sedan

    just excited

  • SisterBridge 956
    SisterBridge 956 19 timmar sedan +1


  • StooleNad
    StooleNad 19 timmar sedan

    I do fully intend on murdering anyone that spoils this season for me

  • Olga Sinkarev
    Olga Sinkarev 19 timmar sedan

    Where is Bran? Oh he is the night king. Got it

  • Colonel Hans Landa
    Colonel Hans Landa 20 timmar sedan

    A man is having a heart attack.

    WOLFnPACK R. 20 timmar sedan

    Honestly while everyone is waiting for game of thrones to start; I am waiting for how game of thrones should have ended. Who's with me on that?

  • Neil Taylor-Walker
    Neil Taylor-Walker 20 timmar sedan

    Winter is here, the long night begins... and ffs I already finished re-watching the entire gods-damned series...

  • الحزانة شو
    الحزانة شو 20 timmar sedan

    We may be free in everything ........
    Only our feelings.

  • x2yll l
    x2yll l 21 timme sedan

    Bittersweet ending

  • Dev
    Dev 21 timme sedan

    THE GOaT

  • OpticCookies01
    OpticCookies01 21 timme sedan

    Arya is running from Meryn Trant and his big fookin sword

  • juneali6
    juneali6 21 timme sedan

    I remember when I was much younger I would see scenes from Game of Thrones and it seemed like the most bizarre show ever. Then I finally decided to watch it, and I seriously don't know what I would have done without it. People ranted and raved over other shows, Breaking Bad, the Wire, Prison Break, all shows that I never really cared for or liked too much. It was only when I watched Game of Thrones that I truly knew what enjoying a show and loving it's characters was. I would do anything to thank everyone who made this show possible and bringing me out of my mundane life for the few episodes it has.

  • Absolut3lyYoutub3
    Absolut3lyYoutub3 21 timme sedan

    I can’t wait for the meetings of
    Jon and Bran
    Jaimie and Bran
    Sansa and Daeny
    Arya and Gendry
    Arya and Bran
    Sansa and Tyrion

    April is lit 🔥

  • Sanjeev U Rao
    Sanjeev U Rao 21 timme sedan +1

    You know the hype is real when the trailer is trending even after two weeks of it's release

  • David Southwell
    David Southwell 21 timme sedan

    Anyone else put in in slow motion to catch every frame? Also: Ever notice in all seasons except season 1 they make Winterfell & the north look so "black & white", no color? '

  • Bing Tunder
    Bing Tunder 21 timme sedan

    Thank you too anyone who comments their love for this show, shares their thoughts and watched alongside us. It's been all the more magical an experience having you all enjoy it as much as i

  • Radek Mikoška
    Radek Mikoška 21 timme sedan

    Why I have a feeeling that White walkers curbstomb unsullied in that trailer battle or at least first battle

  • ayu yogika
    ayu yogika 21 timme sedan

    My fav show release on my wedding date..... Oh wowwww....😂😂... Sorry beebb honeymoon cancel 😂😂😂

  • She Goes Wandering
    She Goes Wandering 22 timmar sedan

    Sansa is killed and turned, and is the one who is chasing Arya in the crypt. After years of hating each other, then finally rejoining together, they will have go back to hating each other again. Arya will have to kill her for good. My theory.

  • Malikaia
    Malikaia 22 timmar sedan


  • Ajay Thakur
    Ajay Thakur 22 timmar sedan

    Amz.thing in the world .#GOT

  • Dana Watches Game of Thrones

    I have to stop coming to watch this trailer because it makes me so impatient every time. April 14 😭😭😭

  • 5 Minutes Craft
    5 Minutes Craft 23 timmar sedan

    I will never forgot this april because of Avengers: ENDGAME And GOT 8

  • 1000 subscribers with No videos challenge

    After this comes out I’ll no longer be part of the 1 percent that’s never watched this😭.

  • Tito Real
    Tito Real 23 timmar sedan

    If there are 8 profitable movies of fast and the furious, HBO can make 8 two hours episodes of Game of thrones

  • Francis Martyr
    Francis Martyr Dag sedan


  • Roxanne Rivas
    Roxanne Rivas Dag sedan

    1:02 mood 😍😍😍😍

  • JHJimob
    JHJimob Dag sedan

    Samwell kills dani for revenge on his brother and father...

  • Sirius Lupin
    Sirius Lupin Dag sedan

    Happy game of thrones

  • Sirius Lupin
    Sirius Lupin Dag sedan

    Arya will kill queen Cersei with the face of Jaime after she've killed him

  • Vokun Vith
    Vokun Vith Dag sedan

    Winter is coming....

  • Fitness MMA Playlists
    Fitness MMA Playlists Dag sedan +1

    In what Pokémon episode Jon Snow evolves into Jon Water? I mean after that battle against Charizard. Unfortunatly I lost that episode ... And btw that lady with the white hair have 2 of them. Must be a legendary trainer

  • 360Ragequit
    360Ragequit Dag sedan

    Either Jon or Daenerys is gonna die, I’m calling it. Probably with a sacrifice of some sort. Or who knows, maybe they all die. This is game of thrones after all.

  • Gudra
    Gudra Dag sedan

    That wasnt be a last season. They are lying for popularity

  • LunaBeat5
    LunaBeat5 Dag sedan

    GOT Best series ever, i wish she would never end

  • Brandyn Little
    Brandyn Little Dag sedan

    The night is dark and full of terrors...